Sunday, March 31, 2013

Posted On 3/31/2013 by Team iCynosure.

I was introduced to Belita: Beauty and Spa via a social networking site, and was fascinated with a very unique concept, a salon at my doorstep. Inquisitive as I am, booked a Body Polish Session via the contact us form on their website and was promptly rewarded with a phone call to check date and time. Preeti was a nice warm voice willing to check and recheck availability as per my numerous requests. I was pleased. 

Home Salon Review, Beauty Service Review, iCynosure

I wasn’t sure what i was expecting until a well dressed, well mannered technician arrived on time to surprise me. Sheetal was extremely knowledgeable and briefed me about the entire procedure. A sheer few hours of being pampered thoroughly, I relaxed and dosed off a couple of times.  Finally with the final phase of the procedure - the body mask all evenly layered, we waited for it to dry. While I sipped green tea, Sheetal explained the various service combos offered by Belita and the loyalty program benefits. She completely sold the concept to me.

Home Salon Review, Beauty Service Review, iCynosure

With a little princess who naps in the afternoons for less than an hour and a half, the features that I really like about Belita’s unique services were:

. Comfort and flexibility of place and time
. Single point attention as no hustle bustle of the salon
. Attractive combos offered reasonably
. Well trained and professional technicians

But still I would give the concept an 8.5 on 10 as they do not at the moment cater to the opposite sex. With my husband being a spa regular, but sometimes just not finding the time, this was a sure shot winner for him…. he would be likely to avail services almost every weekend.

We shall just wait for Belita to diversify soon. Till then to know more visit them here, join the Facebook gang, or call them on 9022155888.

Signing off now to check my diary and book my next appointment with them! Btw leave a comment if you have had  an excellent service from someone. 

Happy Pampering,
- Heena


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