Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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On our first wedding anniversary my husband whisked me away to magical Paris. It was spring time perfect to discover all the treasures of the city of romance, fashion, good food, etc. We spent the days walking around, savoring and breathing in every moment following our must-do-these things list.

1. Sit by the Eiffel Tower in the dark
2. Visit Louvre Museum
3. Have a great vegetarian meal in a French restaurant
4. Shop in the Marais

It’s not very difficult to explain what a vegetarian meal is, but when it comes to fashion essentials, especially buying a scarf it is all together a different ball-game. French language is quite tricky; a quick look in the dictionary for the scarf comes back with the word “Foulard”.

Confidently I strode into the nearest boutique and asked the sales representative to show me some foulards. She smiled and asked me which type and I was confused. She realized and was gracious enough to explain to me that foulard is a very generic term for the word scarf in France. There are numerous translations, each word descriptive for the manner in which it is tied, the size and even the fabric. She quickly took me through the most popular types.


Fichu is a small scarf worn usually over the shoulders, made of lace or wool.
Carré is a square scarf, always silk and usually 36x36 or 27x27 inches in size.
Madras is a colorful and light scarf made of fine cotton usually worn around their neck.
Écharpe is a long rectangular scarf usually worn around the neck, made of a free flowing fabric.

What Scarf Are You? 
- Heena


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