Thursday, April 04, 2013

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Shoes… Are you one of those gorgeous people who think you need different shoes for different occasions? I feel more grandiose and special surrounded by beautiful shoes that help me escape the mundane.

I pretty much buy a pair of shoes whenever I go out shopping…and that would essentially add up close to an obnoxious 27-30 pairs, setting me back by a minimum of 40 grand a year post tax. And the worst is that some of these pairs do not even get to see the sun shine even two or three times a year.

This New Year I made a resolution that I wouldn’t buy more than a pair a month… I know dearies, that 12 pairs is not few but when you’re dealing with an addict, read me… then these well booted baby steps are the way to go. I shamelessly plead guilty, not even three months into my resolution and I have hoarded, yes that’s the word I want to use hoarded seven pairs already…. But each pair was kind of speaking to me and I couldn’t resist getting my feet into them.

Got them from Next UK, just as the New Year dawned for £49.99

Peep-toes by Catwalk, bought these cuties for INR 1899... Girls just need them don't they?

IWearMyStyle Wedges, the most comfortable wedges I have used. Well worth INR 2799.

My most impulsive buy was the Inc 5 Gold Wedding & Party Series in Kitten Heels for INR 2499

And after all the determination and telling myself enough is enough, that I have enough footwear than I really need.... All of it goes out of the window the moment I set eyes on these... gosh I am already lusting over these beauties....


Ciri by Badly Mischka

What’s your poison? Do you too have a silly shoe-fetish?

Do you think I over-did it? Which of the seven pairs according to you I could have easily avoided? Leave your comments for me to ponder over....

Be Booted, 
- Heena


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