Thursday, April 04, 2013

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Shoes… Are you one of those gorgeous people who think you need different shoes for different occasions? I feel more grandiose and special surrounded by beautiful shoes that help me escape the mundane.

I pretty much buy a pair of shoes whenever I go out shopping…and that would essentially add up close to an obnoxious 27-30 pairs, setting me back by a minimum of 40 grand a year post tax. And the worst is that some of these pairs do not even get to see the sun shine even two or three times a year.

This New Year I made a resolution that I wouldn’t buy more than a pair a month… I know dearies, that 12 pairs is not few but when you’re dealing with an addict, read me… then these well booted baby steps are the way to go. I shamelessly plead guilty, not even three months into my resolution and I have hoarded, yes that’s the word I want to use hoarded seven pairs already…. But each pair was kind of speaking to me and I couldn’t resist getting my feet into them.

Fashion Essentials, Shoe Porn, iCynosure
Got them from Next UK, just as the New Year dawned for £49.99

Fashion Essentials, Shoe Porn, iCynosure
Peep-toes by Catwalk, bought these cuties for INR 1899... Girls just need them don't they?

Fashion Essentials, Shoe Porn, iCynosure
These gorgeous twin textured leather Aviva Pumps set me back by INR 2199

Fashion Essentials, Shoe Porn, iCynosure
IWearMyStyle Wedges, the most comfortable wedges I have used. Well worth INR 2799.

Fashion Essentials, Shoe Porn, iCynosure
My most impulsive buy was the Inc 5 Gold Wedding & Party Series in Kitten Heels for INR 2499

Fashion Essentials, Shoe Porn, iCynosure
Casual Flats from Florence for INR 690

Fashion Essentials, Shoe Porn, iCynosure
A Beach Bummy needs beach loafers from Flippers, a steal at INR 299

And after all the determination and telling myself enough is enough, that I have enough footwear than I really need.... All of it goes out of the window the moment I set eyes on these... gosh I am already lusting over these beauties....

Fashion Essentials, Shoe Porn, iCynosure
Ciri by Badly Mischka

What’s your poison? Do you too have a silly shoe-fetish?

Do you think I over-did it? Which of the seven pairs according to you I could have easily avoided? Leave your comments for me to ponder over....

Be Booted, 
- Heena


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