Friday, May 17, 2013

Posted On 5/17/2013 by Team iCynosure.

Omg… have I really missed out on an important fashion trend? Color Blocking seems to be catching up with practically everything. Inspired by an amazing post on 21 Colour Blocking Shoes by Stilettos & Tequila, I started an online hunt to quest my thirst for my favorite accessory, HANDBAGS.

What a range of Color Block handbags... here are a few of my favorite...However they are unlikely to reserve any space in my handbag shelf for a long time.... unless i find a bottle to reveal a genie who says, "Mam, Your wish is my command. What are your three wishes?". 
Until then here are a few really good options which do not dent our pockets and no one will frown every time we carry them around...

And some digging into my closet helped me find these two color block beauties i already they are..
Parvati Clutch from Holii, INR 1595
Box Clutch from Katie Chamberlain, £150

Are you a Color Block trend fan? Do you go overboard with a fashion trend?
Share your opinion, would love to hear your views.

Until then keep visiting. Ciao!
- Heena


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