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Much before I hit an age number and wonder how to go about preserving my youthfulness physically to match the child inside me, an opportunity knocked at the door. I was contacted for the Product Review Program as one of the 50 Bloggers to try the Olay Total Effects Cream and share my experience n' opinion about the product. I was a bit apprehensive at first as I am only a Moisturizer and Sunscreen person.

However I gave caution to the wind since I had read so much about the miracle product. So a trial was in order and also the need of the hour for me.

What is Olay Total Effects 7 in One Cream and Serum Duo?
The product claims to be the most concentrated moisturizing formula, with SPF 15. The Total Effects Moisturizer along with an intense Serum helps to fight the 7 signs of Ageing.
You, the Diva will be able to overcome these obstacles on your path to gorgeousness.
Fine Lines and Wrinkles - Uneven Skin Tone - Age and Dark Spots
Uneven Skin Texture - Dryness - Dullness - Pores 

What is it that the regular use ensures?
Apply liberally, and gently smooth into face and neck.
You, the Diva will have Younger Looking Skin.

How is the product packaged and priced?
The cream is provided in a super cute transparent pump dispenser bottle. It is prized at INR 369 for 20g.
You, the Diva are worth every penny spent.

How does the product feel?
The cream is a nice thick texture, smooth and creamy. The cream has a strong musky fragrance. 
You, the Diva have to try it to check if it suits you.

How was my experience and opinion about the product?
I started using the product since exactly the last seven days, for the very first time as part of my skincare routine. I followed an application schedule of each morning and evening about 12 hours apart. Though the fragrance is a bit strong for me, I realized it went away after a few minutes. Ditto with the slight stickiness I felt on the face and neck post each application. Personally I felt my skin was softer and smoother with hardly any dryness. The moisturizing formula sure is noteworthy as it kind of brings in a glow onto the face without needing any additional products. Though it is too early to see the changes in fine lines and age spots, it sure does what it claims.

The dispensing mechanism is most apt as it ensures no wastage.
The product is creamy and smooth which is what I like.
The product has lightened the marks and spot on my face in a week’s time.
It is perfect for me as I it works both as a moisturizer as well as a sunscreen.

The fragrance is too strong.
The price point is a bit on the higher side.

Will I recommend the product?              Sure, Yes!
Will I purchase the product again?         Definitely!

Have you tried any product from the Olay Total Effects range as yet? Leave me your comments.

P.S. Yesterday hubby said, you look rested dear your dark circles seem lightened. Is princess letting you rest now? And your skin too seems different.

Happy Happy,
- Heena


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