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It’s high time that fashion finally hit the fitness arena head on. You might say, it’s a workout, why bother about fashion when sweating it out? And I’d say, dress to impress 'YOURSELF'.

The moment you walk in for your workout, all you are really surrounded with are mirrors. You’d really want to see someone stylish, well dressed and hardworking to look back at you. Isn't it? Imagine someone in over-sized tee, unflattering tracks and unkempt hair…That would demoralize me instantly. Given that I don’t have the perfect 10 body to flaunt at the moment (having had a baby recently, yes that’s my excuse) I’d still like to meet someone presentable and stylish in the mirror during my workout.

So what should I be wearing as I sweat to push myself to reach my personal goals? I have outlined my own go to fashion book for the gym.

Hug Me Well 
The first and most important aspect while choosing gym clothes is functionality and then the emphasis is to be style. Get a cool set of well fitted clothes, too loose and they will hamper your movements and too tight will make you look like a douche.

Color Me Silly 
Leave the blacks & blues for the boys and in dabble in some color. A hint of neon or baby pink is sure to lift your mood even when the weight machine is going against you.  Don’t jump out of a color bottle; add colors to your outfit intelligently.

Cover Me Well 
Ensure you don’t turn up at the gym in hot pants and a tube top, that’s for the beach. Avoid the barely-there clothes, strappy tanks. If you want to flaunt your toned body, go for well fitted bottoms, a sleeveless T-shirt or a simple tank top.

Layer Me Up 
Gym clothes should be versatile for any season and weather. Adding a nice shrug, jacket or a jumper for when you step out will enable you to run errands while keeping the numerous revolving eyes in check.

Get Me the Essentials 
Never compromise on two things when getting your gym gear, one is the Sports Bra and the other is the Shoes. A wrong fit, uncomfortable or not suitable will stall your workout sessions and may even cause discomfort or an injury. So choose wisely and most importantly correctly.

Don't Get A Uniform 
You are going to enjoy yourself, and not to school. Don't set aside a uniform for the gym. Experiment, mix and match the tops and tees in various colors and cuts to feel good.

With fitness on my mind, I had yet another pretext of doing what I love to do, go window shopping. This time I did it from the comfort of my home, at my desk. I logged onto Jabong, and was delighted to see an entire section dedicated to Sports and a sub-section for Gym & Fitness. 

Here is what caught my fancy: 

Sports Bra is essential for workouts as they provide additional support to the breasts during exercise as well as minimizes movement and discomfort. A must have.
Don’t believe in less is best for the gym. Covering up is great during workouts as they not only keep you warm but also enable more sweating thus aiding the reason of the workout. Try some plain tees or tanks in cotton or any moisture free breathable material.
There are so many options for bottom gym wear for women..track pants, shorts, capris and skirts. I prefer shorts or capris when I do more of running and floor exercises as they enable free movement. I reserve tracks for days when I do weights and cardio. For yoga days anything seems appropriate.
It takes a keen interest and loads of patience to choose the right shoes for the workout. In my list of gym things, shoes equate to comfort and simplicity. Get shoes that serve the purpose, are supportive, cushioned and breathable.
Miscellaneous - Socks:Bottle:Bag:Layering
Socks - Trainer socks or longer socks depend on the bottoms you choose. If you opt for longer socks, pair them with shorts. Otherwise basic white trainer socks are the best deal. Bottle - Water or Shake, keep hydrated. Bag - Invest in a decent gym bag, you don’t need to splurge on a designer bag however a nice bag is a must. Layering - Get yourself a nice shrug or a jacket to keep you stylish when you step out.

Why are you going to the gym? 
Your clothes need to answer the very basic question, to work out. Thus it is only practical that you get good comfortable clothes. Don’t wear your old tee-shirt nor take too much effort. Let it be simple yet very 'YOU'. Here is my Fashionable Attire for sweating it out. 

So visit the online store and find your individual gym fashion statement such that you enjoy your own company in the mirror. 

And Remember iCynosure's Fitness Mantra

Oh Dear, ofcourse you must feel left out in this post. But fear not boys. Jabong has a slightly larger collection for the men than the women, check it HERE.

Until soon, keep visiting - keep interacting.
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