Sunday, October 20, 2013

Posted On October 20, 2013 by Team iCynosure.

If you follow my blog, you sure know how much I love bags. I sometimes have to drag myself away from the handbag section while shopping to ensure I get no more bags. Tote, Wristlet, Satchel, Baguette, Clutch, Hobo, Minaudiere.... I love them all. Branded or unbranded all bags work great as long as the piece complements my style and fulfills the purpose. Sometimes the pick is most apt otherwise not at all.

How many times have you returned a piece to the shelf, thinking 'Wouldn't a Cobolt Blue shade in this piece look awesome?' or 'An additional pocket on the inner side would work great.' or 'Wish the lining was in the same color as the bag.' etc, etc. Giving in to the massive demand, an online boutique Toteteca Bag Works, decided to put all the control in your hands. In simple terms it lets you .....

About Toteteca: Tote is a type of handbag, Teca is library in Latin and hence Toteteca means a Library of Handbags. Bags are handmade and are designed with  best quality 'faux leather', metal fittings and trims. Well finished bags bring out individual style in the best possible way and shipping is free worldwide!

Coming across the online boutique was a dream.... and designing my own handbag has been such an awesome experience. With a gallery of design style options I choose the Large Piped Tote in Orange and Canberry as I was looking for a big stylish bag with multiple pockets. Once the design style was chosen, the next steps are extremely easy to customize from the color to the detailing and finally accentuating it with a personal monogram.

Environment friendly products, no animals are harmed when making the product.
Customization as per individual customer needs.
Personalised Monogram, first one of it's kind.
Excellently priced, great quality and free worldwide shipping.

Too many scratches on the Monogram.

Will I show with them again?                Sure, Yes!
Will I recommend them to friends?       Definitely!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Toteteca Bag Works and design a handbag that complements your individual style.

Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer: Review products provided; however my opinion is based on personal use and experience.


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