Friday, November 01, 2013

Posted On November 01, 2013 by Team iCynosure.

Diwali is synonymous with light, sweets and dressing up. And what better than shopping from the comfort of you home while managing the preparations. I decided to do just that whilst supervising the housekeeping activities.... But one thing I was very clear about was to avoid the regular online portals which have identical brands and products.

It was a Eureka moment when I chanced upon

Passionate about finding things that rise above the mundane? Then LimeRoad has the products for you, that shall catch your eye and arrest it. Products that you will fall in love with, a scrapbook that allows you to create your own personal looks and share your creations with friends to get a second opinion, right before you shop.

LimeRoad, as they believe is a digital-age equivalent of the 16th Century Grand Trunk Road, that highway which changed the face of trade in the Indian sub-continent.

The Mantra is to Love - Create - Share - Shop

And what more, you can even earn when you create looks, want to know how?

Oh and did i mention they have everything from clothing to footwear to bags and accessories to home accessories and select beauty products. It was a tough time compiling my wishlist with so many options. Here is my wishlist.

So what do yo think? Did you like my picks? Btw LimeRoad has an awesome sale going on for the festival season. So don't waste any time and head straight for the site to loot some beauties. 

What do you plan to wear this festive season? Let me know... better still leave me your pictures. 

Wow, it's almost the time to buy some gold... 
Happy Shopping you lovely girls.
- Heena


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