Monday, November 04, 2013

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Switch on the lights, its Diwali. Our spirits are soaring higher and there is exuberance in the air. Yet, most of us are too tied up to spare out time to shop for ourselves; let alone others. Diwali being the season of lights and gifts, one cannot escape the gifting.

So for you all who haven't had the time, here is a ready reckoner of the top gift ideas to make Diwali memorable for your near and dear ones.

A timeless piece of jewelry speaks volumes. Diwali is the best occasion to add onto one’s priceless collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets for women and cuff-links, wristwatches, etc for men.

Ethnic Wear 
The richness of 'Desi' outfits is completely in sync with the festivities of Diwali.  Ethnic wear is 'must-have' to add a sense of vibrancy to our celebrations.

Festive Decor
Lamps or chandeliers make the best gifts during Diwali, the Festival of Lights. They enhance the beauty of the place and celebrate the spirit of Diwali in the true sense. All time favorite gifts of diyas and candles are perfect as well.

Chocolates/Sweets/Dry Fruits 
We Indians, have a weakness for sweets. Chocolates and sweets, hence are the perfect gift options. Gift an assorted basket of chocolates, dry fruits and traditional sweetmeats keeping in mind elders, youngsters and children.

Gift Certificates
In modern times, everyone has different tastes and needs. Thus Gift Certificates are a convenient and utilitarian way of gifting as it allows suitably usage.

Puja Accessories
In the festive season with so many traditions and occasions beautifully decorated puja thalis, bells, etc make an ideal gifts, a wise option.

So, now that we have sorted out the gifting options, start shopping for your near & dear ones!

Happy Gifting!
- Heena


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