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Inviting friends and family over during the festive season is top priority for most people. The catch to throw a perfect party is to ensure all aspects of organizing come together beautifully to have a combined success. Here are the few pointers to keep in mind while planning the fun party this Diwali....

Pick a theme that sets the tone of the party, which is the uniform factor that connects all the elements. Particularly for Diwali themes like Bollywood, Color Coded or even Traditionally Inspired work best.

Set up the party space with quintessential items to jazz up the atmosphere. Use rangolis, balloons, lights, ribbons, candles, diyas, glasses, etc that accentuate the theme.

Food & Drinks
Plan well as the meal is the soul of any party. Keep the starters, beverages, main course and desserts in sync with the theme. Most importantly make sure to have a few dished dedicated for children, including pop-corn, cupcakes and non spicy food items.

Arrange for paper plates, paper cups, disposable cutlery, cocktail umbrellas, starter picks and similar stuff to jazz up your food presentation. Using disposable tableware will also spare you the breakage scare during the party and the horror of post-party cleaning.

Play some groovy music with old remixes and the most popular songs of the year. Remember to clear some space in your living room so that people can feel free to shake a leg.

Sitting Arrangements 
Set up chairs, sofas and stools around the area so that guests are able to mingle around. However, avoid cluttering to allow guests to move around comfortably and space for dancing and playing games.

Games and Activities 
Organise some games and activities to break the ice amongst the guests. Depending upon the guests organise games like Lotto, Passing the Parcel, Karaoke. Do keep a few decks of cards handy as Diwali is all about gambling and bringing in a little bit of Laxmi into your house. Play rummy, blackjack and other interesting games with your guests and reward the winner with an interesting gift.

During Diwali everyone becomes a child and feels excited to enjoy some firecrackers. Of course do not bring in those noisy crackers causing air and noise pollution. Light up some phuljaris and chakras and play a game around them to enjoy.

Do the best you can and be a gracious host. While going home, each guest will wish for the next party invite.

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- Heena


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