Sunday, September 27, 2015

Posted On September 27, 2015 by Team iCynosure.

Whenever I walk into a room I either feel instantly great or horrible. It's about psychology of colors. Colors have the power to calm, energize and soothe. Colors also evoke feelings of romance, richness, excitement and confidence. After a hectic day I need a private sanctuary that takes away my worries away and helps me unwind. That untouched place is my HOME.

My home is about two people - My Partner and Me. It needs to reflect both our interests, styles and tastes. We love to invest time and energy in optimizing the available space to keep it comfortable yet stylish. However the litmus test is to find a shade that reflects both of us, without clashing our individuality from the hordes of gorgeous hues available on #PaintFinder. 

With such an amazing platform from Bed Bath & More, the first thing I browsed through were the bedroom concepts and here is a colour palette that helped us miss a heartbeat as a couple and then the overload of ideas to redecorate our house just started flowing.  

Wall Paint - Use a great color that makes the space more brighter and larger.  If you opt for a dark color, restrict it to one wall. Try to furnish in contrasting colors or darker colors of the same family.

Neutral Elements - Ditch the extremes, strike a balance between masculine and feminine elements. Leave out the leather accessories, sports memorabilia out, pinks and soft toys. If you want a particular item, include it in a way it doesn't define the room.

Sleek Furniture - Use modular, light colored furniture in darker rooms and vice versa to keep the room airy and spacious. Include furniture that has great visual appeal along with great utility to get the best out of each piece.

Brighten with Mirrors - Strategically place mirrors will reflect light in the room, making it more brighter and larger. Opt for numerous small sized mirrors instead of a large bulky mirror which shall attract all the attention in the room.

Lighting - Lights define both the ambiance of the bedroom and also sets the mood. Multiple options are - soft string lights for a calm and serene atmosphere - artistic lamps and night stands for mystic - candles for a soothing romantic aura.

Breathtaking Artwork - Add a piece of art that both of you love, understand and relate to. Hunt for that one piece which is the life of your room and simply take your breath away.

Furnishings - Leave the cottons and jute for the guest room, spread out the net and lace. Not only will they keep the romance alive but also encourage a flirty feeling. Colorful bed linen will bring in the much needed color and vibrancy to the bedroom.

I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in association with BlogAdda & Bed Bath & More to find my color with #PaintFinder. What color is your bedroom and what is your favorite part of it?


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