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She woke up and felt the sunlight burn through her eyes. Sleeping well past 3 am after tossing and turning in bed throughout the night she needed to quickly move on. While adding cream to her coffee she set the breakfast table only to realise she wasn't hungry. But she needed all the energy she could muster up to do what she had decided. 

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She went into her bedroom and silently moved around touching the small treasures she had collected over the last few years. She wondered when the cracks found their way into her house and her life. Just as she was about to ponder into the well traveled question zone again, her mobile came alive. It was the taxi. She picked her suitcase and purse and headed towards the door, when she ran back to the kitchen and left an envelope by the other set breakfast plate. 

She fought the urge to walk back into the bedroom and say something to her husband, but instead stepped out. Turning around she touched the nameplate 'Neha and Amit Dewan', as a tear made it's way onto her cheek. Brushing it aside she walked away briskly towards the waiting taxi and an unknown future. 

Amit woke up to the sound of the alarm and got going immediately more robotic than ever. Today was an important day, the decider board meeting. In half an hour he was ready to conquer the world, happy and excited about the developments which were to unravel today. 

Without realising Neha wasn't around he walked into the kitchen to switch on the coffee machine when he noticed the breakfast plate set as always. Thinking about his wife he knew he was lucky, she was gorgeous, the life of the party, the envy of every woman, the desire of every man. She was calm and patient, a gogetter but one who always put him before everything else. And he did love her, loved her to the skies but something wasn't right, something just wasn't working in their favor. He felt restrained, cramped and tired in the relationship, maybe they weren't meant for each other. The tension was overpowering his entire life... his work, his personality and of-course his personal life. Against better judgement he sent her something that anyone dreaded to receive.... Divorce Papers. 

The communication between them dropped instantly as Neha never said anything.  He knew she received the papers as his lawyer confirmed it. She never whined, never complained nor did she ask for any explanation. He once overhead her speaking to her friend, "Whats the point in knowing 'why', it just is.". Never had he felt so small, so insignificant, so humiliated. He thought she would be angry and scream at him like during their arguments, even sulk and cry like during their fights or even nag him continuously. But she didn't. He was sure, 'SHE DIDN'T CARE'.

He looked around the house and wondered where she was.... may be gone for her regular morning walk, but she should have been back by now. As he set himself for his morning news and breakfast he noticed a white envelope with Neha's beautiful handwriting flying across it.

With a thumping heart he opened it to reveal the divorce agreement and a handwritten letter. He began to read,

As Amit re-read the letter he could see a few tear stains on the letter. He wanted to feel happy, to feel free to feel elated. But he didn't. He wanted to feel something, but all he felt was empty. He saw her signature near the words, 'Mrs. Neha Dewan' and ran his fingers over the impeccable signature. It felt cold and hurtful. 

But wasn't it what he wanted. Afterall he had sent her the papers then why was he hurting so much. Why was he feeling this terrible terrible ache. He picked the letter and kissed it, she had written, 'I Love You', he felt hope, a little bit of hope. But hope for what? 

He screamed, 'Why Neha why didn't you speak to me?' over and over again. Now he knew what he wanted. He wanted to hold her, to kiss her beautiful face. Tell her everything would work out. Say that they were meant to be together. But it was too late. He didn't know what to do. 

He walked into their bedroom and stared at their picture memory wall. Only one picture was missing.... the one they got an old woman to click for them, near Tower Bridge in London on their honeymoon. He closed his eyes and saw the picture.... her beautiful smile, her glittering eyes, her delicate body against his, her hand as she held on to his arm. He could hear her voice, "Lets  go on the London Eye again please, the first time around it was so crowded, lets go again". He had teased her, "We'll go again on our next trip, I promise but not now." 

As he kept staring at the wall lost in though, his mobile rang shattering the tranquility of his memories. 

It was almost a week and she hadn't heard from him. She was thankful to her parents for the silence they offered which she so needed. Neha was engrossed in a book as her mother brought her some warm coffee. When her mother slipped in an envelope on the bedside table, Neha saw that it came from a familiar address - Amit's office. She flung it across the room and cried hugging her mother. She loved the man, didn't he see that? 

She woke up and realised she had cried herself to sleep in her mother's lap. She sat up and opened envelope to be surprised to see a British Airways ticket to London. She rubbed her eyes and saw the date... tonight 2.00 am flight, and it was almost 9.00 pm. She woke her mom excitedly and rushed through her packing. Hopping, skipping and almost tripping she rushed to the international airport. 

Fidgeting throughout the flight, she was anxious and didn't know what to expect. The flight was as per schedule and as the aircraft hit the runway at Heathrow Airport, Neha couldn't contain her emotions. In what seemed a few hurried moments she stepped out and went in straight into the London Underground. Something guided her towards the Picadiilly Line to head to Westminister Tube Station. Crushed under the weight of her backpack she scanned through the hundreds of travelers in hope to find a familiar face on the Tower Bridge. She was lost in time and almost afraid of it being a cruel joke when she saw him. Was Amit really here? She saw the man she loved, she saw her husband. He handed her a ticket, sprawled in his handwriting, "As promised, the London Eye Experience - a special Cupid's Capsule just for us".

She looked into his eyes and could see her own emotions mirrored in them. He held her hand and whispered, "I'm sorry darling, I behaved recklessly. I have been selfish, immature and inconsiderate but I want to be a better person, please give me another chance. We've come so far to get closer for our love, lets bridge this distance and walk towards our future together."

Together they walked further, getting closer to their future.


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