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Sometimes I wonder what it takes to make the transition from one work arena into another, especially after spending a considerable number of years executing those responsibilities. The only answer I heard was 'PASSION'.  

And from none other than the most prolific, most successful and most versatile creative director of the fashion jewelry & accessories brand 'Youshine', Monika Pal Sood. 

Monika, a renowned fashion designer has extensive experience in the fashion industry and previously ran a successful apparel export business. At Youshine she brings her creative vision and her ability to forecast fashion trends. 

Speaking to her about her foray into the jewelry and accessory industry, I was mesmerized with her passion for the brand, her commitment to excel and above all her inspiration to create. 

Team iCynosure: Was Youshine always the next step after success in the fashion industry and the export business? 
Monika Pal Sood (MPS): I was always interested in fashion, so in that respect YOUSHINE was a natural choice. The export market was getting very crowded, so I decided to find a white space to fill in the Indian market. The retail space for Fashion Jewelry & Accessories in India was pretty disorganized, so I decided to enter.

Team iCynosure: Since the launch in 2009, how has Youshine evolved and achieved everything you envisioned for the brand? 
MPS: As with most start-ups, the beginning was very small and I was running the business form a spare room in our house. I opened the first store at a mall very close to where we live in Gurgaon. Once that worked out, I opened more stores in Delhi-NCR before going to other parts of the country. In mid-2010, Ashish - my husband - joined the the business to take over the Business Development, Finance and General Management functions while I focused myself of Product Design & Development.

Team iCynosure: Youshine has 'New Arrivals' every week. How do you manage the continuous design outflow?
MPS: This is by far the most exciting aspect of YOUSHINE. My team & I have a “passion for fashion” and always on the lookout for new fashion trends which we can incorporate into our designs. We plan up to six months in advance and there is a continuous flow of design initiatives we’re working on. It’s not easy, but very fulfilling for us.

Team iCynosure:: What sparks your inspiration? People, places, things or a mix of many?
MPS: I’m inspired by life in general and by life events in particular. Seasons, Festivals, Celebrations and joie de vivre inspire me and drive me to create everyday.

Team iCynosure: With the 'Shine On' mantra catching on, how do you look to maintain the consumer appetite even when leaving them carving for more?
MPS: We manufacture and offer limited quantities of each design. So, if the customer does’t buy a YOUSHINE product the first time she sees. she might not get it the future. That’s what keeps bringing our customers back to our stores and to our website.

Team iCynosure: As the creative director, how involved are you in the other aspects of the brand like production and branding? 
MPS: I’m totally involved with the designing and manufacturing processes. Our brand is managed by an agency, but the inputs to them come from Ashish, the team & myself.

Team iCynosure: Though every product would be close to your heart, which piece when designed gave you the most amazing feeling?
MPS: It’s tough to choose a favourite because I love every piece we put out there. These days, I have a fetish for Statement Earrings and Hair Accessories, so they are closest to my heart.

Team iCynosure: What are the five must haves from Youshine for this summer?
MPS: This Summer is all about Aztec Prints, Florals, Bright Colours, Head Piece Jewelry and Rhine Stone Bracelets.

Team iCynosure:: And finally what advice would you give young creatives looking to get into a similar business?
MPS: It’s an exciting space to be in. Stay close to your core and try to find a good partner who can manage the boring stuff!!

That conversation really inspires me to do something that I love, but wait a minute I do what I love. I BLOG and try to spread happiness. So here you go... A quick giveaway to own what you like from my favorite brand! 

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Update: April 23rd, 2014. 
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