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As soon as the IndiMail popped into my inbox, I knew I wanted to be there. But wait I was already invited by the brand and I was going.... 

Even though I had confirmed to the gorgeous Reshma from team Dove, I was in two minds about going. You must wonder why especially since I really enjoyed the Dove Patches Film launch Event .... well thats because the #PlayDate was organised for May 11th, Mother's Day and I wanted to spend the whole day cuddling my little princess. However given the amazing things lined up for all the gorgeous girls I didn't want to miss the meet as well. In all the dilemma I faced, my man came to my rescue. I was treated to a lunch date by Princess and her Daddy as part of Mother's Day celebrations and then literally pushed out of the house to #DovePlay with my friends. 

Photo Credits: Indiblogger, Photo Caption: Registrations in full swing. 

No sooner did I arrive I was greeted with a flood of lovely Doves.... amazing girls in white outfits. Upon registration we were allotted teams for the #PlayDate and handed over a schedule of games to complete and compete with other teams. As part of Team #12, it was amazing meeting some awesome girls and as Princess Twirl we were all ready to kick some serious butt.

Game rules followed with am amazing session of Zumba to get us into the rhythm of the evening.  We managed to first get selfies uploaded with the Dove Brand Managers for the announced twitter contest. The great energetic session was followed by the #HairPlay game where we styled team member's tresses to gather the much needed points to raise the bar. Games followed and we enjoyed the activities finally hitting the Dove Salon to be pampered and styled for the evening before heading for the cocktail competition by the poolside. Garima our super talented team member mixed a great cocktail naming it 'Sunshine' and won the second spot and Salon vouchers for all of us. 

Photo Credit: Indiblogger, Caption: Get to know your team.

Photo Credit: Indiblogger, Caption: Energetic Zumba Work-Out Session

Photo Credit: Indiblogger, Caption: HairPlay game in session.

Wine and Hula Hoops, great combo with Anushree Menon.

Styled by the Dove Salon technicians, ready for the party tonight?

As we headed back to the main hall to calm our growling stomachs we were greeted with nerve-tickling aromas of appetising-mouth-watering cuisine, lipsmacking desserts and thirst-quenching mocktails. Dance performances and prize distribution highlightened the dinnertime moments while a surprise crystal-maze game had us all cheering for the two lucky participants. 

I literally let my hair down and also indulged in some amazing cocktails that were served as home drops were arranged by the brand and I didn't have to worry about driving back myself. An exciting day that brought out the little girls in each of us. A meet that brought together bloggers from different walks of life, different women from contrasting cities of the country, amazing energy and willingness to have fun. No inhibitions, child like spontaneity, super imaginative games, a melting pot of concisiousness, unlimited crazy memories, new friendships and a brand new renewed enthusiasm for my hair are some of the many things I came home with and more. All-in-all it was a day spent well.

Amazing goodies and a lifetime of memories. 

The Dove team surprised all attendees with lovely meet hampers full of goodies. Mine had a much-needed complete hair therapy package .... a Phillips SalonStraight Essential Straightener, Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner and a gorgeous silver 'Dove' hair pin. 

It's been almost two weeks and I've been using the Dove haircare range since and swear by it. Here is the all you need to know about the product.. 

The Dove Damage Solutions, Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner range contains KERATIN ACTIVES which aim to restore proteins at the cellular level, strengthening hair to give free-flowing lustrous locks. The Shampoo works from deep within, to help rebuild damaged hair at the cellular level to make it beautifully smooth, strong and resilient to damage. While the Conditioner helps reconstruct hair from within and nourishes it leaving hair soft, smooth and beautiful.

My Experience with Dove

I'm a person who follows my hair care regime religiously, which includes cleaning and conditioning every alternate day, hair oil massage before hairwash, leave-in hair moisturiser once a week and a hair mask once a fortnight. Even though my hair wasn't in the best phase of its cycle, it wasn't giving me sleepless nights. Since I've been using the Dove Elixir I was confident about the range as well. Having given the Dove Intense Repair Range a fortnight to weave it's magic, I nearly lost count of the number of compliments I've been receiving for my gorgeous mane. True to it's claims the range has infused shine, smooth texture and strength to my hair. The range has had a positive result on my hair, as it has countered two most important hair issues I was facing - one dryness and two breakage. My hairfall has been reduced to a percentage of its earlier amount, and the strength and nourishment has given it a natural shine and smoothness. 

I now my hair down more often much to the delight of my husband. With the air under my hair I feel like a dainty Dove, young and carefree just like my little Princess. 

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