Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Posted On August 05, 2014 by Team iCynosure.

Summers were edging out and the monsoons were calling in. And that for me is more pleasing than anything... why because i love the rains and it's gonna be my birthday soon. But before that one vaccy was yelling out to me, my gorgeous Kerela trip inviting me to explore the sun with the sand, the seas with a cottage in the waters and much more.

I furiously started the packing routine and needless to say made a list of things I needed to get. First of all a cool new pair of sunglasses.

Thinking aloud I hit the keys on the laptop and on came the 'Online Shopping Baap of Eyewear' - a massive database of eyewear. From powered spectacles, to sunglasses for men, women and even kids they have it all including powered sunglasses and contact lenses. A part of a larger shopping website including Watchkart and Jewelskart; the browzing experience is overwhelming. 

Since I already had a list to follow I went straight into the well planned categories and filtered what I'd like to get. What I was surprised with was a great selection available to me... From designs to colors, shapes to brands, I was at a loss for choice. 

After careful scrunity, I picked new pair of sunglasses! Something new, something fresh far away from the classic cut and color. 

I love the way these John Jacobs Wayfarers highlight my cheekbones and accentuate the shape of my face. You can find these at a highly discounted price here

Happy Shopping,
- Heena

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