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A couple of weeks ago Matrikas Paper Products sent me some gorgeous notebook journals and I came to a realization that I simply miss writing. With computers and printers gaining more importance in our professional and personal lives, we’ve kind of left the writing instruments to the students and academically inclined professionals. 

However as I sat with my baby holding her hand to help her practice some standing and sleeping lines (yes she just started play school) I understood why a glowing computer screen cannot replace a traditional notebook and pencil. The feel and scent of the book reminded me of days when I saved pretty notebooks to pen my thoughts or doodle or sketch in the busy classroom or take down notes in the initial phase of my career. The pencil felt good in my fingers and I set out to renew my love for the hand written word, first clicking pictures and then Scribbling my heart away

The notebooks I received; spread out on my work table looked gorgeous - unique in their own way, which reinforces my belief that creativity can really highlight even the simplest of concepts with individuality.

Notebook, Journal and Diaries received from MatrikaS

The brand name MatrikaS is derived from a Sanskrit word for "MOTHER", denoting a merge of powerful creative energies. The brand stands for ideation, innovation and expression through its products exquisitely designed including Diaries, Notebooks, Journals, Office and Social Stationery. 

Toss & Nrut 6 Subject Notebook
Looking at the products the first thing I noticed about the Toss & Nrut 6 Subject Notebook was the exceptional design on a metallic hard bound cover. Highlighting the ancient Indian Board Game,Vimanam the notebook looked exceptional and felt dressed up living up to its external beauty on the inside too. 

Toss & Nrut 6 Subject Notebook Cover Deisgn, the Vimanam
Toss & Nrut 6 Subject Notebook Inside Layout, the Vimanam

A perfect companion for college students and professionals; the book is ruled and divided by colored divider for different segments. The layout design of the pages and entire book is top notch with the first page as a ‘Belongs to’ and the last as the definition of the board game. The pages are undated, so you can basically date them yourself and use it whenever you want. Priced at INR 277 it seems a tad bit expensive but the good quality paper and the cloth bound cover makes it worth the price tag. 

Cube Works Diaries
I received two diary options of the Cube Works style of diaries; Cube Works Privy in a gorgeous green and Cube Works Elite in a beautiful black. Both the options are a delight with embossed leather finish and a highly rich look-and-feel hardbound cover. The pages are rich in texture with a natural cream shade. 

Cube Works Diaries, Privy and Elite
Cube Works Diaries, Inside Layout

It is by far one of the best, most practical diaries I’ve come across - simple, elegant and compact, and packed with multiple features. A Personal Memoranda followed by a few indexing pages and gorgeously cream single lined undated diary pages. The diary has been un-standardized by a break in the lined pages with a mix of grid rulings and wish list pages that give the best of professional and personal worlds. The only difference between the two is the size; while the privy is size A6, the elite is size A5.  An elastic strap bound to the back cover keeps the notebook and the contents securely in place as many have a habit of keeping bits and pieces in their diary. 

Personality Journals
I’ve saved the best for the last. My favorite from the various options available from the brand are the Personality Journals. With beautiful design options from Sai Baba to Dr. Ambedkar, you can choose your favorite hero from over half a dozen great personalities. I chose to receive a journal of the great Indian teacher, philosopher, and royal advisor to the Maurya kings Chanakya. The hard bound smooth velvet finish cover in ombre shades of yellow and brown stole my attention immediately. Following the regular opening pages, the third page is a short biography of Chanakya followed by a few wish-list pages. 

Personality Journals, Chanakya great Indian teacher, philosopher, and royal advisor.
Personality Journals, Monthly Page Layout
Personality Journals, Quotes by the great Indian teacher Chanakya

The following pages are a perfect beginning for any diary, twelve month undated pages follow for you to start whenever you want. One of the many things I love about this design is that each month is split across two pages that help to plan and see each month at a glance. There is reasonable amount of space to jot down a few key points for each day including Sundays; because I have more to do over the weekends than the weekdays. Apart from this the note-pad space along with a quick list and grid ruling space all in pleasing colors adds a intricate design element to the pages . These pages offer a lot of customization space for the user and works in favor of the brand. 

The functional part of the journal is simple single lined pages. It may pass off as a normal journal until one takes time to see carefully. Each page carries a quote by the personality and makes this personal journal unique and fun. The journal is a standard size that can easily make into a regular handbag, perfect for me.

I'm sure to be going back to the brand for my writing needs, especially since I'veloved the quality and the look-and-feel of the products. Whether a personal requirement or a professional one, Matrikas collaborates with the clientele to provide customised solutions as well. Backed with the latest technology, innovative skill-set and intuitive designers who have the positivity and energy to make your vision a reality, Matrikas is a brand towatch out for. 

Matrikas is available on popular online platforms like Flipkart and Zoffio. You can view the entire collection on their website or follow them on facebook for regular updates. 

Do you miss writing? Using notebooks, journals and diaries? 
- Heena


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