Monday, March 09, 2015

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Invited for a gorgeous evening affair? And not sure what to wear? Picking the right outfit for a grand event can sometimes be quite daunting. 

The safest yet the most fascinating outfit to opt for are Evening Dresses. These come in various styles, shades and cuts. Choosing the best that suit you needs a bit of background work and efforts. 

The first thing to decide while picking an evening dress is the shade you want to flaunt. Depending upon your skin tone and hair shade, you must pick the overall outfit coloring. Rummage your wardrobe and try the different colors and select a couple of hues that look best on you. Don’t be afraid to pick non-regular colors, experiment a lot as you will be surprised with the overall effect the color has on you.  
With some great sites offering evening dresses online, you need not break the bank and can find an affordable evening dress within your budget. 

Try the Classic Black
Go Virginal in White
Paint the town Red
Flaunt the new Gray

Once you’ve chosen your beautiful evening dresses go about deciding how you would like to accessories it. From jewelry to handbag to footwear, pick the pieces that compliment your outfit. You can select from diamond to pearls or even try some cosmetic jewelry to save money. Consider your dress style while picking jewelry. If your dress is high necked, pick statement earrings and a cuff, if your dress neck is large; go for a necklace that accentuates your neck. 

A bag can actually make or break your look. Running off to an evening affair with your day-to-day bag, or an over-sized handbag just isn’t the right for your look. Invest in gorgeous evening bags either in form of a clutch or a pencil bag in basic colors to make the maximum use of them. 

And finally the footwear, the best option is a pair of shining stilettos or dressy heels with statement embellishments to complement your dress. Make sure that if you don’t have to cut corners so keep the basics right, but if needed opt for cheap homecoming dresses from ihomecoming to stay within the budget. 

So lets get shopping,
- Heena


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