Wednesday, June 03, 2015

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I am a heels person, I love towering over practically everything. I love the extra inches that heels add to my 5.3 frame making me feel indispensable. But for years I have taken a lot of liberty with my feet to feel taller and unfortunately they have suffered. Despite the unpleasantness I continue… 

You may think that’s so vain, but it isn’t. It gives me immense happiness to walk on heels and feel some air under my feet! However sometimes you have to make choices and just as I was on the verge, I spun around to see the block heel trend of the early 70’s reappear. So now what I have is the opportunity to stand tall without the pain that heels bring. And boy they are on a super roll this summer with a big comeback from tall chunky blocks to low squares. 

The perfect choice for the summers, you can style them with pretty much everything from your favorite dress to jeans to shorts. Block heels are even perfect for the office with a pair of grey cigarette pants or that gorgeous pencil skirt. 

One rule of thumb that I prefer to follow is to keep a contrasting balance between the outfit and the footwear. As block heels demand so much attention due to its powerful presence, I like to keep the outfit less heavy in terms of style and fit. Keeping the outfit petite and the accessories minimum, teaming it with block heels make for a great combination with every detail receiving its due credit. 

However as most say; Fashion has no rules, you either break them or make them. So just do what catches your fancy. Mix it up, play safe, go crazy, do anything; but just have fun cause fashion is nothing but a great game of roulette. 

Here is my first look for the Clarks #MyShoeDiaries where I strike a balance between strength and delicacy. Right in the midst of the scorching summer, a Sunday Brunch is a great way to unwind with friends and family. Opting in for a cute summer dress in vibrant colors and coral lips and of course with one of the tallest block heels I could find from Clarks India.

My second look strikes a balance between casual and stylish; which can sometimes get very difficult. But not when you throw in a gorgeous pair of palazzo with a beautiful schiffli floral lace from Melange by Lifestyle and a simple tank with a few delicate pieces of jewelry. Slip your feet into the block heels to take that look several notches up. A look that is perfect for strolling around in a resort unwinding on that much needed break from the crazy city life.  

I love my Ski Tropical Smart Metallic Sandals from Clarks. The truth is the block heels are a sophisticated option in the retro style that is simply impossible to resist. More importantly they are a sure shot way to sashay in style with loads of comfort. So don’t think twice, go dressy or casual in block heels and walk confidently with your hair flying in the air just like every path is your runway.

Photo Credits: Fahim Sayed, to visit his photography page click here

Walk on, Shine on, 
- Heena


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