Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Posted On July 15, 2015 by Team iCynosure.

Have you ever wondered what could you buy for $1 or less? Practically nothing right!

Our parents always keep reminding us about the value for money and quote that when they were kids they got almost a bag full of things for $1. But those days are long gone and you really can’t expect to get much of anything from that kind of money. Apparently some Statistical Inflation Forecast values the 2015 dollar at $13 in the 80's and $24 in the 40's. But today a dollar is a dollar and as it turns out your parents are right and we can definitely get some amazing things for $1. How? Well here's how.

I chanced upon a fantastic website that have over a zillion products, all priced at $1; from cosmetics to jewelry to nail art supplies and even fashion accessories. The brand welcomes users to explore their personal styles and enhance their individual lifestyles with the world’s No.1 'fast fashion' retailer that provides an unprecedented selection of fashion essentials, always changing and in style.

The 'Everything is $1' is the price formula that lets every shopper enjoy a super fun and exciting environment to shop. No doubt as soon as you land onto the online shopping site, you are hooked on to MISS AWith everything for just $1, the shipping too is pretty much standard with Shipping within the US at $3.95, to Canada at $5.95 and International Shipping at $9.95. Awesome isn’t it? Absolutely and that's the reason the moment I landed on the site I shopped my heart out from every section including kids and nail art. And after an anxious couple of weeks here is my super-duper haul from Miss A.

In a nutshell here I are my thought about the website:

Website Pros:
All products at $1
Great Product Selection
Standard Returns & Exchange Policy
Standard Shipping Charges

Website Cons:
Atleast a fortnight for International Shipping to arrive

What did you think of my haul? Cute isn’t it? 
So what you waiting for, Go shop!


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