Saturday, November 14, 2015

Posted On 11/14/2015 by Team iCynosure.

As she walked up on stage I could hear the soft caresses of her georgette saree and the tic-tac of her little kitten heels. The overhead light caught the diamond on her ring as she greeted the audience with a Jai Jinendra. Amidst all the cheering and the clapping I heard a little girl say, "Mum, that’s my teacher." A man at the far end of the row proudly announced, "That’s my boss". A group of women seemed really emotional who weren't able to hide their tears, and continued clapping. I looked around and felt myself rising above the ordinary in the adulation showered. Just as my husband gently tapped me on my shoulder and pointed onto the stage, my MOM began to speak.

I had coaxed her to take the audience through her journey, writing a brief for her to follow. She practiced the speech numerous times…. "Armed with an MA in the late 70's, I went on to become a teacher to fulfill my aspirations of being a change initiator. Motivated not only by my parents but also my favorite literature professor I excelled in my profession, quickly moving on to become the youngest Vice Principal of the school. Marriage and motherhood added springs to my feet and I moved from strength to strength career-wise. Content with what life had blessed me with I wanted to enjoy motherhood. Thus began my best career phase... full-time mommy and wife. Travelling all over with my husband I developed an interest in handicrafts and started a small business venture. As the venture tasted success, delegating responsibilities on the women I decided to go back to my first love. Volunteering with Teach India I am revisiting my past to shape and initiate change in the lives of under-privileged children. It’s an honor being nominated as the Woman of the Year award by the Mumbai Kutchi Jain community and bagging it for what I love doing." 

That's what we expected her to say. However when she took to the mike all she said was, "The seasons of life offered me varied opportunities which I grabbed with both hands. The weather chose to shine on me through love and I basked in the sunshine of what I love to do. Whether teaching a student a geometric evaluation, my children the values of life, the women who are my business drivers marketing techniques or my house help a particular dish - It’s never been about work. Teaching is my inspiration, to be the best I can be. Thank you for this. It truly belongs to everyone who was willing to learn, for without them I'd be incomplete.”

In the thunderous response that followed, I couldn't see clearly. Pearls of water were clouding my eyes and through those a diamond shone bright and beautiful. My MOM, my #MadeOfGreat.

Tata Motor's Global Brand Ambassador Lionel Messi is just that #madeofgreat with his self belief and his strive for seeking excellence.  My MOM, she is the #madeofgreat in my life… beautiful, inspirational, committed and the cynosure of my being. Let me know who is the #madeofgreat in your life? And let me know about your thoughts on Tata Motor's association with Lionel Messi.


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