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Ask a woman what really makes her happy and you’ll receive a prompt reply from her - splurging on fashion and beauty. The luxury literally rolls the ‘R’s off the tongue just as the French would drawl at the sight of high heels and designer dresses. However, I am one of the very few women who belong to the 'live to eat' camp, and thus my splurges are simple indulges in food. 

Indulgence through food is one of the most vital parts of my existence; it soothes my soul and delights my eyes. However, I figured that that the key to make this work is to give in to little indulgences while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The best way to indulge with tempting food is to start our day on a healthy note with some amazing breakfast options. 

My mom had created a spectacular world of aromas, flavors and rainbow of colors over the years. However, I’m nowhere close to replicating the same and thus, I indulge in the next best option. 
I experiment from pillar to post, century old cafes to modern food joints to the classic sit down, and thereby, I bring you the five best breakfast places in the city of Mumbai. 

Indigo Deli
The Deli has been on the list of must-visit places of numerous food enthusiasts. The breakfast spread is a delight with an ethereal combination of flavors, aromas and quality consistency. Pack in the waffles and pancakes, feast on the French toast and you will be making plans to come back soon. 

The perfect place to indulge into international flavors, in an Indian way. Candies has been serving awesomeness for the last two decades with their regularly updated menu items of eclectic food creations. Fill in on their vegetable curry rolls and chocolate milkshake to kick start your day.

Fat Man’s Cafe
An ideal place for the health conscious person, Fat Man’s Cafe offers a list of healthy breakfast items. Try the staple on the healthy menu or indulge in some great waffles and pancakes that make a complete perfect breakfast. The cafe is a visual delight that offers great food with a great ambiance at a relatively decent price. 

Don’t blame the British for the generation’s choice of the classic English breakfast of perfectly backed brownies, tea cakes and puddings munched with a smooth mocha. The breakfast served with baked beans, mashed potatoes and toast is the most optimum way to start your day with being rejuvenated. 

Cafe Basilico
Catch the flavors of the Mediterranean and European palette at Cafe Basilio. Enjoy their freshly brewed coffees and teas, and bite into the freshly baked breads. A perfect spot to enjoy great food, blend into the Victorian culture while gorging on cream and spinach topped bread rolls and crispy English muffins.

So what really makes these particular joints stand out? 
A very basic yet important factor - the exclusivity of the products offered. The type of filter coffee you will find at Madras Cafe is rare to be found elsewhere. Similarly,it will be impossible to savor at another eatery those very pancakes that were relished at Indigo Deli. 

That’s what great brands do… Get you to indulge into Exclusivity. 

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Don’t believe me? 

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- Heena


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