September 02, 2014

Décor For My Cozy Corner

My home is not polished nor very clean, very far from it, oh it’s not neat,
But with all the clutter and so many stains, it sure is a memorable treat. 
I run around the house all day and night, putting things in place, 
Wondering and trying every minute how to make a little more space. 

We all have our special corners dedicated to our every need,
But alas I haven't got the time to make an inch for me to read. 
They vouch my love for books continuously grows,
As in all my author signed copies it always shows. 

The décor opportunity knocked at the door to be set,
They laughed thinking it's going to be difficult as they bet. 
They think I need to go out in the sun and roam, 
But I’m going sip some coffee, sit back and simply log on.

Navigating section after section on making my home,
Until I select pieces to create my personal zone at home. 
Adding the cart with wonderful decor items, 
A single look at which would make any night brighten.

One thing that keeps popping up in my mind, 
Is to get one enormous chair, my super find.
Browsing on there are so many that fit the tag, 
The monochrome wins my heart, a Classic Bean Bag.

Next up I realise I need a handful of the sunshine,
As sometimes when I read it's during a dark line.
So yet again I go hunting like a super champ,
To book a Rajasthani Handcrafted Terracotta Lamp.

As I begin my endeavour being sprawled all over the bag,
Reading my favourite book in the dim light of the lamp.
I look up to see other books lying in a pile, oh the edges bend,
Immediately I know I need the Yellow Door Globe Bookends.

Oh, what a beautiful dream I wake up from, 
To head straight to the site to explore it some. 
Loads of super features that catch my eye,
One is relevant product grouping by the smart guys.

Beautiful pictures and information that's a highlight, 
Oh so fantastic, a real sight for sore eyes. 
Discounts and free shipping offer some respite, 
And lets me get a few more than just a mere bite.
~ Heena Shah-Dhedhi


  1. Very nicely written.Loved all your post.

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  3. Followed you on GFC, hope you will do the same soon. x

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  5. Very good sharing. It is good you know how to decorate your own corner. giglove

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