May 17, 2020

5 Ways to Remove Unwanted Body Hair |Choose Wisely

Of all the beauty treatments I undergo, hair removal is by far the least pleasant and extremely painful activity for me. Even though body hair is a natural phenomenon, I am not a huge fan and I bend backwards to keep hair off my body at all times, almost longing for a permanent hair removal solution. However, de-fuzzing my brows, upper lip and chin are the most difficult and painful. I have super sensitive skin and my facial skin is all the more delicate and so I have struggled to find the best body, especially facial hair removal method for the longest time.

Over the years I have tried many popular and niche products and services to get rid of unwanted hair, but each has its pros and cons… here is a ready reckoner for all you beautiful girls to choose what will work best for you… 

The oldest technique of hair removal, threading is the gentlest hair removal treatment - mildly painful, but worth the pain as it gives a smooth finish for up to six weeks. The bone of contention is finding a professional who knows the job. 

Waxing or Sugaring
The most common, widely used technique but absolutely a nightmare to go through. And the pain isn’t the worst part, it is the reappearance and regrowth of hair which makes this a fortnightly affair. 

Depilatory Creams
A notch above threading, waxing and sugaring; depilatory creams break down the protein bonds of the hair so it washes away from the skin. However, just like the most popular methods of hair removals, the main concern remains regrowth of hair which again needs the process to be done. 

Laser Therapy or Electrolysis
A new revolutionary technique for hair removal, laser therapy or electrolysis both are extremely unaffordable. These new-age techniques destroy hair follicles from the skin which allows for permanent hair removal. However, there are several concerns about the effectiveness and many side effects, including the risk of skin damage and scarring.

Hair Inhibitor 
A normal cream or spray that helps reduce the appearance of unwanted hair and reduces growth permanently. A hair growth inhibitor removes hair from the root and slows regrowth. 

I’ve noticed that when technology doesn’t yield results, humans tend to look for solutions towards Ayurveda, and there are herbs which have the ability to reduce hair growth and ultimately remove hair permanently. One such solution is a hair inhibitor which when applied directly on the hair root and hair shaft restricts the activity of enzymes at the hair follicle level so that hair growth is retarded. 

Recently I started using the NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor along with my routine hair removal method. On application, the product penetrates deep into the skin through the open pores and restricts the growth of hair. I’ve been applying NEUD after every hair removal session for about 5-7 days, and have noticed slower and thinner hair growth. NEUD is hundred per cent natural product, made from herbal plant extracts and so it takes some time to show results. 

I’m in it for the long run, are you? 

Until next time,
~ Heena


  1. Opting for a process to get rid of unwanted body hair is a very personal choice, however one must know all the available options... in this article you will know alternative and will be able to make an informed choice just the way I have.

  2. I prefer depilatory creams for the immense advantage including smooth and silky finish, no pain or irritation and a thinner re-growth.

  3. I sure would love to use the the NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor to get rid of unwanted hair and this seems like the most appropriate and convenient method.

  4. I've used hair inhibitors but haven't had much success with any of the brands, I sure ill like to try the NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor as I hate waxing or threading especially on my face.

  5. I have very little and fine hair growth on the body so I have avoided hair removal especially from delicate areas and my face, but this is a great way to get rid of hair for those who have more growth and visible body hair.

  6. Wow, very useful information provided by you.
    My sister is very worried about unwanted hair growth.
    She loves this article.

  7. This NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor I read for the first time, and I am so impressed with the mode of action, seems worth trying product and would be a grateful for the reviews if will work for me

  8. I have been using an inhibitor for almost a year and it has worked wonders for me. I don't need to use it often now as the growth is really low.