Sunday, August 17, 2014

Posted On August 17, 2014 by Team iCynosure.

Florals have been such a groundbreaking iconic pattern that it is still ruling the fashion circles. It's a love affair that springs in on rewind and doesn’t seem to fade away anytime soon. It's a tough decision to choose between the poesy prints and over-the-top florals that are dominating everything from dresses to pants to shoes and even accessories. 

So finally I decided to bite the bullet and worked out a few permutation & combinations to see what would suit me the best. Floral top with floral pants and bright shoes, a nice floral shirt with simple pants, a floral dress, phew the options were endless. 

The very thought of donning floral head-to-toe was daunting enough and so I decided to play safe and try a simple delicate colour splash printed shirt with solid bottoms. I embraced the trend very late into it's being, cause the hues and motifs attract way too much attention, which a pastel person like myself wasn’t sure I could handle. It seemed most appropriate to experiment with the look on my holiday to Kerela last month and finally found some time to put together a few pictures for you to see. 

Colour Splash Printed Shirt: The Closet Label, Solid Bottoms: Limeroad

Sunnies: Lenskart, Earrings: Youshine Accessories 

 Anklet: YoushineFootwear: Jabong

I thought it would be best to go easy on the make-up front as I wanted the shirt to take centre stage. So I generously applied a moisturiser, sunscreen and my favourite go-to lip shade Oriflame Fuchsia Excess.

Florals do seem a little bit overwhelming, especially if you are a solids person. So for those less willing to bloom into a garden, I suggest trying a little bit of it before jumping head-on into the trend. And the reason I say you must try this trend is simply because it isn't going away just yet.

Let me know if I should experiment with the trend some more? 

Stay Stylish,
- Heena


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