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How much does it cost to enrol in BYJU’S Classes? What is the fee for BYJU’S Classes? Are you asking the same questions? Here is your answer!

BYJU’S Classes is a contemporary and innovative approach to after school learning. It is being called as ‘the only classes your child needs’. Admissions for the next batch of BYJU’S Classes are open and the fee structure is updated. We give you the latest BYJU’S Classes Fees, benefits of BYJU’S classes and the features of BYJU’S Classes.

BYJU’S Classes Fees:
BYJU’S Classes is a comprehensive online tutoring program where students get to learn from the best teachers in India. BYJU’S Classes are currently available for math and science subjects from grade4 through grade-10 only. Students can access these classes from laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

The fee structure of BYJU’S Classes is ₹35,000 for any grade. This will give students the access to BYJU’S Classes, BYJU’S the learning app and BYJU’S mentors. Once enrolled students will be provided with a daily schedule for after-school learning. The other features of BYJU’S Classes are as follows:

 Lessons mapped to the syllabus.
⟡ Realtime and instant doubt installation.
 Practice session with tutors.
⟡ 24/7 video lessons on BYJU’S the learning app.
⟡ Unlimited practice tests on BYJU’S the learning app.
⟡ Study materials delivered to your home.
⟡ Detailed feedback and updates for parents.
⟡ Personalised knowledge gap for every student.

BYJU’S Classes Fees for a Month:
In case you are not sure about purchasing the full package of BYJU’S classes, you can opt for a monthly package instead. Once you familiarise yourself with the quality, interface and the features of the classes you can choose to whether or not continue with BYJU’S Classes. The fees structure for BYJU’S classes per month is ₹2000, which will give students the access to 16 classes (4 classes per week - 08 classes for Math and 08 classes for Science).

Once enrolled, a BYJU’S mentor will get in touch with you and help you schedule the classes. You can choose Monday-Wednesday-Friday or TuesdayThursdaySaturday or Saturday and Sunday batch. The class timings will be 4:15 PM to 08:00 PM on weekdays, and on the weekends, the classes will be conducted in a morning and evening slots. Each class will last for 60 minutes. Your child can attend 3 classes per week and take one special class per week based on the requirement.

Students get access to BYJU’S The Learning App and unlimited practice tests on the app. They can also ask doubts during and after the classes.

A detailed monthly report will be shared and discussed with you at the end of the month. BYJU’S also offers EMI options on its courses. Loaded with convenience and best approach to education, BYJU’S Classes is truly the only after school learning solution your child needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit BYJU’S and book your child’s study time today.

The fees structure outlined here can change anytime, for updated fee structure visit

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