5 Steps to Reverse the Signs of Ageing

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Scientists have traced the desire to reverse ageing to thousands of year ago and have pegged a positive lifestyle and clean eating habits as the best way to reduce ageing. However I personally think that eating nutritious meals and staying physically fit are just a couple of wellness-related goals that support healthy ageing but numerous other subtle lifestyle changes can actually help reduce signs of ageing and also help repair skin damage and premature ageing.

I’ve included these small yet crucial changes in my every-day routine that help restore my skin’s texture and improve my skin’s health; making it younger looking, radiant and healthy. 

Remove the Triggers
Alcohol and smoking play a major role in prematurely ageing. Alcohol dehydrates the skin leading to irreversible damage while smoking results in a dull and shallow complexion. Together the two speeds up the process with long term damage. 

Stay Hydrated
Drinking adequate water is essential for good health as the body needs water for every function. Besides flushing out, aiding digestion, and regulating body temperature, water keeps skin healthy from within, boosts skin elasticity and corrects tissue damage.

Regulate Sleep Pattern
It is crucial to get adequate sleep but it is more important to sleep correctly. Studies have proved that sleeping on the back helps prevent facial skin distortion. Also switching cotton sheets and pillowcases by silk bed linen lowers friction and skin abrasion. 

Supplement the Body
Every body suffers from either lack of nutrition or overconsumption of malnutrition meaning too little of the right things or much of the wrong things. Getting your blood work done and consulting a physician is the best way to regularise your body, identify the needs and supplement wisely. 

Go beyond CTM  
Set a skincare routine apt for your skin type, however follow the main three steps of cleansing, toning and moisturising the skin. Once the skin is treated to this, take a step ahead with an under-eye cream and a skin renewal and anti-ageing cream.

I’ve been following a set skincare routine with NEUD Goat Milk skincare products including the face wash and moisturising lotion and have recently added the NEUD Goat Milk Premium Skin Renewal Cream.

The NEUD Goat Milk Premium Skin Renewal Cream is loaded with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA),Vitamins, Minerals, and Selenium, which individually have immense skincare benefits. When infused together the ingredients become a great skin booster as the cream helps to: 

~ prevents sun-induced skin damage and discolouration 
~ retain moisture, protect skin collagen and nourish the skin
~ remove age spots, prevent wrinkles and brighten complexion
~ promote growth of new skin cells and remove dead skin cells

I’ve been using the Skin Renewal Cream since its launch and the one thing I have noticed is the improvement in my skin elasticity. The overall skin tone has definitely improved with the lighter spots and no visible pigmentation. Another thing I’m really happy about is that my skin no longer feels flaky as it is deeply hydrated. To cut the long story short this was one step missing in my skincare routine and now with NEUD Goat Milk Premium Skin Renewal Cream, my skincare routine is invincible. 

The best part is that the cream is suitable for all skin types for both men and women, so you should definitely be investing in the right products for your skin. 

Until next time, 
~ Heena

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