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Pearls are the most beautiful creations of nature, elegant and discerning. They are available in the most varied and attractive colors, unique shapes and different sizes which make them the most versatile element of any accessory. 

A Pearl is a natural treasure, that grows inside a mother oyster when a grain of sand finds it's way into it. When the oyster finds it difficult to expel the external irritant, it takes a defensive action and the cells secret a smooth hard substance around the irritant. After several years, a beautiful pearl is formed. 

Not only is a Pearl a good investment with prices soaring today, but also it is the new statement piece every woman needs. Unlike other precious metals you can wear them everyday, everywhere. From meetings to dates to special days there is a pearl for every occasions. 

The trick is, When you want to glow rather than shine opt for an excellent quality pearl.

However most women find it extremely confusing while picking the right pearl. So here is a checklist for all you lovely ladies and the men who want to get pearls...

Pearl Luster
It is by far the most important feature and should be your primary concern. Luster is the sharpness and intensity of reflections on the pearl's surface. To recognize a finer luster, look at the clarity of images that are reflected on the pearl's surface. The closer to a mirror image you see, the better the luster. 

Pearl Color
Primarily when we think of pearl we think white. However the most superior color is pink, followed by silver/white and yellow. Cream, blue and grey are low quality colors.

Pearl Size
It is a simple rule to remember the cost of a pearl is directly proportional to its size. Hence clearly the large the size,the better it is. However having said that pearls used in a piece of jewelry should be both aesthetically and financially viable and hence a smart shopper should look at the overall appeal of the piece when consider buying. 

Pearl Shape
It is important that the pearls used in a piece of jewelry are well matched in circular in shape. Too many subtleties will create an unbalanced appearance. Look for pearls that are similar, while keeping in mind that perfectly circular and closely matched pearls will be more expensive.

Store pearls away from sunlight and heat, but not in any airtight environment. 
Keep them away from sprays and perfumes as contact with these may discolor them. 
The more you use your pearls, it is better for them as the moisture from the skin is good. 
Wipe them with a soft dry cloth after every use. 

The key is to judge a pearl by its luster, color, size and shape in natural lighting to ascertain the quality. Another simple test is rubbing a pearl against your teeth will distinguish between a real and a fake, real pearls will feel rough and grainy while fakes will be smooth and glassy. 

Whats your favorite piece of jewelry? Do you have any pearls? Leave me your comments.
- Heena


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