Monsoon Style Tips To Look And Feel The Perfect You

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With the first showers hitting my beloved city Mumbai yesterday, I relived my college days having just moved back from London recently.

Monsoon Style Tips To Look And Feel The Perfect You

Remembering how afraid I was every monsoon while stepping out of home not only for the fear of my stuff getting spoiled but also of the puddles everywhere that I would have had to save myself from. I cautiously refrained from picking up my favourite clothes and accessories for a day at work or an outing with friends or even a date with someone super gorgeous.

But this year, I am going to give caution to the wind (read: rain) and dress my best making the gloomy atmosphere a colourful and bright delight. I’ve noticed over the years, monsoons bring out the blacks and greys in full force… from everything footwear to raincoats and umbrellas and even clothing. So lets out the dull and flaunt the bright, make a head start to prepare for the most romantic season of the year...

MakeUp and Hairstyle
A simple rule for makeup is to keep it light and water-proof and use pastels and aqua colours. A thumb rule for hairstyles would be wearing your hair high on your head, as a ponytail or a soft bun.

Flaunt the new craze that’s taken over the handbags. Transparent waterproof bags with yet another little handbag inside. Polyurethane and PU coated bags are also good to go during the rains in various sizes and shapes and colours. 

Don’t slip into a worn out or an old-fashioned pair of shoes to save your lovelies from getting spoiled when you step out in the rain. Shops are overflowing with beautiful trendy colourful yet inexpensive footwear which is not only stylish but also most appropriate for the season. Not only are they a great protection against the rains but also in vogue. Do not be any means use leather or suede footwear, else they will be home for bacteria and fungus. I love to try out strappy loafer or sandals preferably in rubber as they dry out sooner than other materials. Another option that I would like to consider is the ballet flats or flip-flops. A definite no-no for high heels, unless you have a knight in shining armour holding your hand to ensure you fall safely into his arms. A sure shot success would be transparent ones which a few to add colour to the day.

An Umbrella is not a utility item anymore; it is now a fashion accessory that defines you. Throw out the ancestral bulky, heavy, huge umbrella and choose from an ocean full of umbrellas - the playful one that matches your style. Experiment with colours and designs; don’t restrict yourself to just one. Own a collection – bolder brighter and edgy. Colours weather trendy and electrifying, or pastels work great. How about some Neon hues or Colour Block ones too? Abstract designs, geometric shapes, floral prints will stand out in a crowd.

What are your thoughts? How do you plan to hit the monsoon with a stylish vengeance?

Share your essentials with me.
~ Heena

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  1. hiii Heena
    i totally agree with you an Umbrella is not a utility item anymore; it is completely a fashion accessory now a days. I became very sad when i forgot/lost my pink umbrella in college :(
    I've nyc collection of umbrellas :D

    1. Thanks Harsha! You are awesome reading every post! Thank you so much!