How To Make The Birth Of Your Child, A Perfect Lasting Memory

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Motherhood is overwhelming and can leave you at a loss of what to do next. Bringing home a tiny person, who you are completely responsible for can be extremely intimidating. But do not worry, motherhood is a learning process and your child will be your greatest teacher. Seven years ago when I was expecting Heer, I was so carried away with the entire pregnancy and motherhood experience that I missed out on taking a few moments to sit back relax and make some of those moments into precious, everlasting memories. However the second time around as soon as I got to know I was expecting, I made a list of things I wanted to do as soon as the baby arrived. Here are three things that I'm doing to remind me of RV's early days.

Hand-Painted Portraits
I love taking pictures of my babies but under the ton of digital images, it is going to be impossible to pick one and gaze at it adoringly. So instead of just letting it slide, I picked a gorgeous, even though imperfect picture of RV and Heer sharing a precious moment and sent it to PortraitFlip to be converted into an original hand-painted portrait. PortraitFlip is an online portal that converts photos into paintings with a range of custom finishes in oil, pencil or charcoal, acrylic and watercolours. I choose to get my precious cherubs painted in watercolours for a baby portrait that will adorn the walls of my home, showing raw emotions between the siblings that I can always hold close to my heart.

3D Casting
Every time I touch RV's tiny hands and feet, it fills my heart with love and care. I have a surge of emotions running through me, a feeling that compares with absolutely nothing else and I wish time stood still so I could live this forever. But that's not going to happen and in a few years, I won't even remember how tiny he once was. The chubby hands and feet that I so loving hold and caress will outgrow my arms and will be lost in the mundane of life. So to preserve this preciousness forever I've contacted a 3D casting artist to create a replica that will capture every single little detail of the hands of both my offsprings and give me something to cherish forever.

Breastmilk Jewellery
I absolutely love my jewellery and if I could make it exceptionally special with something as precious and personal as breastmilk, I would absolutely go for it. After some research I came across the brand that specialises in Breast Milk Jewellery and browsed through the product options and finishes available, zeroing in on a gorgeous yet simple ring. Once I finalise the design with the vendor, I will send in the required quantity of pumped breastmilk to have a keepsake, of the personal moments I shared with RV.

These little things will be a perfect reminder of how ‘Miracles Happen’, and an acknowledgement of how I overcame my fears and struggles with determination to have a family of my dreams.

Have you preserved the memories your children’s birth in any way? If so please share with me in the comments below and I’d love to explore them.

Until next time,
~ Heena

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