Bring Soy Home, A Super Food For Super Health

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I've talked at length about protein deficiency and the problems associated with it earlier on the blog and how soy protein helps to bridge that gap, especially for those who follow a vegetarian diet. Though the debate on the pros and cons of soy has been around for a very long time, with an equal number of people for and against it, I personally believe that there has been enough study and research to have busted all the myths surrounding it. Of course, I'm not going to discuss those myths, but I am surely going to touch upon the benefits of soy and share with you a few dishes that will easy soy into your daily intake of food. 

As the perfect vegan protein-rich item, soy offers the following health benefits -
Low in Fat: Soy is an excellent source of fibre with almost zero fat and zero cholesterol content. This makes it one of the easiest food items to digest. 

Rich in Omega-3: Soy contains a high content of omega-3 fatty acids which makes it a great agent of anti-ageing, combating diseases like cancer, dementia and diabetes. 

Full of Minerals: Soy is rich in essential minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and selenium making it an element of building strong bones and muscles.  

Complete source of Protein: Soy is the only vegetarian food item that is a complete protein with all eight amino acids making it an essential component for all bodily functions.

This makes soy a power-packed ingredient that can be used to make a range of delectable dishes. But in spite of such amazing health benefits, soy is hardly seen in everyday food. So I thought I should introduce you to some dishes that are easy to cook and offer unique flavours which will make you fall in love with soy, just like they did to me.

Zucchini Stuffed with Soya is a baked flatbread, made with zucchini and stuffed soy-spice mix and served as a side dish during an elaborate meal.

Soyognese is the vegetarian take on bolognese, perfect sauce to dress up spaghetti or lasagne and best served for dinner.

Soya Florentine is an oodle to lasagna, made of soy and spinach coupled with cheese and best served as light dinner.

Soybean Falafel is a ball or a flat or a doughnut-shaped patty, made with soy and herbs that can be served with hummus or a veggies dip, as a light snack.

Soya Nuggets 65 is a spicy, deep-fried soy dish that can be served with a bowl of rice and a colourful fruit salad as a quick entrée. 

Though there are numerous dishes that can be prepared with soy, you can also pick some which are easily available in the market, especially those from DuPont, a world leader in developing innovative soy-based ingredients that enable nutritious and great-tasting food and beverage products. The rigorous quality standards, advanced technologies, manufacturing and inventory control ensures they offer the best soy products. 

So now as you have both the options, stop making excuses and take that vegetarian meal a notch up in tasty and health with soy.

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~ Heena

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