The Millennial Pick - Personalised Jewellery

on June 20, 2019 / by

Today, the millennial consumer wants complete control over the products he purchases as he is armed with a fearless purchasing power that no previous generations enjoyed. With the power, he has set his demands and the one that he strives for is customised products which allows him to put her individuality on his things. Be it handbags, clothes, or shoes; the millennials want everything stamped with their uniqueness. 

Even though jewellery has always been considered a personalised purchase, a bespoke commodity, over the years it has lost its value due to mass production and set design patterns. The swelling product lines offered affordability that previous generations loved. The very concept custom-made pieces violated, and thus long gone were the days of interchangeable elements, multiple wearability, and at best consumers engraved pieces with a little personal symbol or message to call it customised. 

However, with the new dawn, consumers are no longer afraid to demand what they want and willing to pay a price for it. This has enabled the personalised jewellery category to re-evolve, creating an ‘emotional connection’ to every piece designed. The easiest way to create this memory is to get name necklace for a loved one, which is unique yet not very complex to achieve. Personally, I love custom made jewellery from earrings to rings and necklaces, for good reasons, and I'm sure most of you will agree with me on this. 

A customised piece allows a wearer to use interchangeable elements like beads, charms, rings, etc to create a style that resonates with them. Even though the elements are usually manufactured on a large scale, no two individuals will use a similar combination to design a piece of jewellery, thus rest assured no two pieces will ever look the same and so the purchaser will always have a winner at hand.

A customised piece also allows the purchaser to add unique features to the piece such as name engraving, personal message, fingerprint, photograph or even DNA, that ties it forever to the wearer. Many brands these days also offer breastmilk jewellery, blood jewellery, placenta jewellery and much more, to make an occasion memorable and forever lasting.

A customised piece always involves a lot of thought, discussion and insights; which gives a clear background into a purchaser's character. A lot many people are involved from start to finish, checking options, looking at ideas from the new arrivals, and more; especially if they are looking to purchase star sign and birthstone jewellery.

A customised piece gives complete control of the buying process to the purchaser. Not only is the person involved in buying, but also the selection of materials, shape and size of gemstones and above all the time duration and final cost. For example to get name necklace 1034 the purchaser will select fonts, discuss placement of a gemstone, deliberate the combinations depending on the total cost, etc. 

Subconscious everyone wants to own things that actually matter, and thus personalised jewellery is becoming popular and meaningful as love and precious memories never go out of fashion.

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