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After #MyLittleMan was born, I saw a gradual decline in my skin and hair health. Since he is my second child, I know that postpartum hair loss is normal and temporary and most moms return to their usual hair growth cycle between 6 -12 months after birth. But I am one of those few who has seen a dramatic hair loss and continuous fall, and nothing seems to work even after almost a year and a half, so I resigned it to destiny. That, until I chanced upon Nature Sure™ Thumba Wonder Hair Oil at my sister’s as I oiled my niece’s hair. Upon further scrutiny, the oil came across as an ayurvedic hair tonic made from herbs that help fight scalp infection and nourish hair follicles to prevent hair fall, boost hair growth and prevent greying.

The main ingredient 'Thumba', commonly known as Bitter Apple is a desert fruit known for hair rejuvenation. The oilseeds of thumba enable 70% hair follicles to go back to the growth phase successfully thereby reducing the time needed to initiate hair health.

Since I’m not a huge fan of oiling, I took the easy and most convenient way out. I applied the Nature Sure™ Thumba Wonder Hair Oil on the roots of my hair and scalp, massaged gently for 15-20 minutes and left it to soak in overnight. The next morning I washed my hair with my regular hair care products and lukewarm water.

My first impressions about the oil are that apart from its strong pungent herbal odour, it is pretty easy to rinse off. Also after the first few uses, I noticed that my hair is less frizzy, more manageable and there is an overall added volume and bounce. I think it is a bit too early to say whether or not it strengthens the hair, reduces hair fall and aids hair growth but there is a visible improvement.

Since the pros of this oil outshine the cons, I am going to continue to use it with caution, especially as I do have multiple layers of hair issues. And yes, oiling is going to become a more regular part of my hair care regime with Nature Sure™ Thumba Wonder Hair Oil and I sure will keep you updated about the results a couple of months down the line.

Until next time,
~ Heena

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  1. It is really important to care for your hair and skin post delivery... I did suffer from a lot of hair issues and one product that helped me is the Nature Sure™ Thumba Wonder Hair Oil. Do check the article to know my first impressions about the oil.

  2. Will this oil work on wavy hair? My hair texture is really bad and it does need a lot of conditioning and hair love, so want to try all possible options before going in for a chemical treatment.

  3. I've always made hair oil at home with more than one ingredient and almost all the time used the thumba for it magical hair benefits. One tip for amazing hair health is to oil the hair with luck warm oil for it to affect faster.

  4. I'm glad this is working well so far and I hope it continues to benefit your hair!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  5. I've never heard about this oil, but I would sure love to try it for my hair that has completely lost its beauty in this lockdown.

  6. My hair is in a really bad state at the moment and I sure am going to give this one a try. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. I'm glad this oil is working well for you and benefit your hair health. I sure am going to give it a shot.