Friday, September 25, 2015

Posted On 9/25/2015 by Team iCynosure.

The cold weather is about to arrive. If you find the look of your home tired and dull, It is time to give your home a fresh winter personality. You can transform your home into warm, stylish, interesting and inviting living space by adding a few easy to do touches. I am not talking about expensive major home renovations which may cost your thousands of bucks. These simple changes are going to enhance the comfort and style quotient of your homes.

  • A well-organized, tidy space looks quite visually appealing especially decluttered bedrooms give a relaxed and peaceful feel. You must clean your space properly to give it a new face. 
  • A person’s bedroom is a place where one wants to maintain calming and relaxed ambiance to feel fresh after a busy days. These days beautiful bed covers made up of soft, skin friendly textures are available in markets. You can make your bedroom cozy and amazing with bed-covers and blankets for winters.
  • Beautiful pendant lights or dim light lamps can be used to give the room a peaceful and appealing ambiance. You can use a few beautiful indoor plants, bonsais to give a sense of character to your personal sanctuary. Put some soft cushion covers sporting attractive colours to give a nice look to your bedroom. 

  • A perfect winter home is both comfortable and stylish. Some people love to cuddle-up in bed and with a cup of hot beverages. Teddy comforters made-up of soft fur material can be incredible choice of bed comforters in winters.


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