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My first brush with Paris was when I was an impressionable teenager, utterly enchanted by the romance of Paris. After watching "Before Sunset" a zillion times, Paris had become my dream destination. During my first visit, it didn't disappoint me in the least.

While doing all the touristy things, I starred in my own imaginary feature film. I walked down the Champs-Élysées, met someone special by the Arc de Triomphe, sailed into the sunset with him over River Seine, and finally locked lips by the illuminated Eiffel Tower. It was perfect.

As my fascination for travel grew over the years, however, I began to explore parts of Paris that I didn't know existed. I discovered a haven for art lovers, a sanctuary for historians, and a magical land for children. In every corner of the city, I've found a scrumptious café, a creative art class, a great sculpting studio, a designer boutique, and much more. It's this contrast of old-world charm and contemporary magnetism that makes Paris the place to visit. Whether you have just a day or a lifetime to live like a Parisian, you must capture the spirit of Paris. Here's how to enjoy your visit to the fullest.

Moving Around
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To experience the beauty of the city, travelers must explore it on foot or by metro. City walks with local guides give visitors a first-hand opportunity to take in the sights, sounds, scents, flavors, and feel of the city.

Staying Put
To feel the energy of the city, travelers must find accommodations in a location that offers true Parisian atmosphere. Though there are abundant hotel options, travelers could opt for a serviced apartment or a homestay to offer them the comfort of home.

Feasting Locally
To savor the flavors of the land, travelers should dine at friendly corner bistros that serve simple meals in an authentic way, in addition to relishing a variety of sweet treats. It's a gastronomic delight to alternate among Michelin-starred dinners, street stands crêpes, raw cheeses, and artisanal baguettes, savoring everything as a proud Parisian does.

Shopping Regionally
To flaunt the latest styles, travelers must browse through the emerging neighborhood markets, where they will find unique, chic, and affordable fashions. Quirky independent shops line the sidewalks and offer an interesting blend of items, making for a perfect place to unwind while unearthing souvenirs ideal for a range of budgets.

Exploring Sites
To get to know Paris, travelers must curtail the pressure to see it all and instead spend quality time at a few selected locations. Skip the touristy places that are swamped with visitors and look for more intimate places such as the Musée d'Orsay, the Luxembourg Gardens, and Le Marais. There is no way you will be able to do it all, so plan accordingly and save the rest for return trips.

So walk along, shop till you drop, and gorge until your belly hurts. Do the same thing the next day, as the City of Light shines brightly.

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