#ChangeTheQuestion, BIBA Girls Promotes Body Positivity

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Do you ever stop and think about how often you are asked to cover up or wear an appropriate outfit or tie your curls or even lighten your lipstick? Not directly but indirectly; advertisements in print, on television, on digital media and the so-called beauty and fashion experts are always giving you tips on attaining perfection. Whether it is about losing the excess weight, hiding your imperfections, adding a glow to your complexion, or any other tip; these are ways of body-shaming. 

In the manner that these things are told to women in general, lead us slowly to look at ourselves with a keen eye, and judging ourself as per a standard that isn't even true in the real sense. Unfortunately, we fall prey to these constant reminders of perfection that make us unhappy with what we are. And to be honest, we all have been a victim of our own body-shaming thoughts and comments.

When I noticed my little princess imitating me while growing up, I realised my words and actions would have a profound effect on her and that is when I started looking at myself differently. I’ve always been very conscious about the way I look, until #PrincessHeer constantly kept said, ‘Mom I want to grow up to be you, you are so beautiful, so perfect.’ That's the moment it dawned on me that outside I may be whatever the world wants to see, but holistically I am perfect for the people who matter the most. 

My journey of enjoying who I am has started with my little one and as I watch this film by BIBA Girls, I know I've left the numerous voices outside and recognised the power of loving myself just the way my daughter loves me. This small yet profound change is going to help #PrincessHeer grow up loving herself, feeling gorgeous; without any self-doubt; full of confidence and pride in who she is. 

So make that choice today, #ChangeTheQuestion with BIBA, look at yourself through those little eyes and give your little girls the right message about who they really are.

For more information on the initiative, visit the BIBA Facebook page here.
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- Heena

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