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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Posted On May 08, 2013 by Team iCynosure.

Getting Ramp Ready... who ME? Wow, that sounds awesome, especially for me who once was a little girl with the shortest hair in class, who once was thought to be a boy and who once hated everything about herself. Then college happened and everything changed. I wanted all great things for myself and did a lot of experimenting.

A visit to Nalini and Yasmin's the Salon, changed the way I looked at my haircare routine. A few sittings with Yasmin and my hair was the crown I had never worn before. From sleek hairstyles to high ponytails to letting it loose, I did it all and enjoyed myself.

TRESemmé Smooth and Shine shampoo and conditioner review

TRESemmé Smooth and Shine range was recommended to me by a stylist friend. And thus the journey to experiment each day began. I started to wear my hair differently be it a simple movie outing, or the annual office dinner or a cosy date with my beloved, each time my hair looked different. Though some styles were not successful, it kept me interested.

A few days ago a link sent to me via a social networking site, drew me in. I poised myself in front of my dressing table, hauled the laptop on a chair nearby and followed the Style Guide. With all the experiments in the past, I never thought about being anywhere near the RAMP.

TRESemmé Smooth and Shine shampoo and conditioner review

TRESemmé India YouTube Channel compelled me to show the world my RAMP READY SELF. For my straight hair, the professionals recommend the TRESemmé Smooth and Shine range, which I already use. And now to the styles - Balloon Ponytail, Butterfly Ponytail and Twisted Hairband. I tried all three and loved the look, which am sure I shall soon incorporate into my daily routine as they are so simple and yet alluring. However going a step further, I have my own version of being RAMP READY... I call it the Beehive Ponytail…

TRESemmé Smooth and Shine shampoo and conditioner review

I think it looked great. What’s your take? Let me know in the comments below. 
~ Heena