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When I first read about the Deepika - Ranbir starrer, I was so excited to see the two reconcile at least on screen. I’ve been a huge fan of the couple and was disappointed after the entire ‘Us together – Promote a Condom Brand – Cheated on me – We will always be friends’ episode.

YJHD Style Essentials From jabong

As the first look and the promos hit the idiot box and the print media, the focal point that caught my attention apart from the lead pair’s electrifying chemistry was the overall look that defined their characters. Ranbir plays Bunny, a charming fun-loving free-spirited boy who loves travel and adventure while Deepika plays Naina a hardworking medical school student who simply is a love-struck girl. The look that has been put together for them is so apt for the characters and presents a refreshing take funky, quirky, sporty and adventurous.

I was all set to start sketching these awesome collages and head over to my tailor when I heard an interesting announcement. Jabong, India’s largest online shopping portal launched an exclusive YJHD collection. The stylists at the portal put together 10 unique ‘look’ templates for style conscious individuals right from clothing to accessories, footwear and bags too.

I just didn’t waste any time and headed to the site. It has a special section dedicated to the collection which you can view here. Perfectly titled, the collection is fun, young and crazy. With over three thousand products systematically arranged into Ethnic Elegance, Midnight Party, Playing It Cool and Casual Out ranges, it became so easy to browse through.

Each range is full of wonderful products most of them priced at a good point and available in various sizes. I just kept adding to the cart only soon to realize that there were way too many products I wanted. With over 135 brands some of which are my favourite I just couldn’t resist adding them. With colours, style and price options everyone will be able to dress and feel like the movie stars.

And the goodness doesn’t end there…. Over 1/3rd the products have some awesome discounts, few as high as 75%. With Jabong we can be rest assured about the quality of the product, a competitive price guarantee, free shipping, cash on delivery option and also a 30 days returns policy. So what are you lovelies waiting for? Head over to Jabong and shop to your heart’s content.

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