Blogging Is My Calling

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How To Start A Blog

Six months ago I ventured into a new journey, a journey called BLOGGING.

After quitting my job with a UK multinational, I found the time to multi-task in activities close to my heart - spend time with my pretty princess, photography and writing. The idea of my digital diary took seed in early 2013 and I began my long cherished dream to write for myself. 

During the last six months, I’ve realised that Blogging like any other profession is sheer dedication, commitment, crazy working hours and loads of hard work.  Having said that, today my Blog is an extension of my life where I unabashedly express my views about everything under the sun…  my life experiences, relationships, fashion trends, beauty products, shopping experiences and much more. Today, blogging has made me an all-together different person, giving me the freedom to thrive.

Blogging allows me to express my views about things I relate to. As a blogger I am able to bring in realism and relationships into my writings, connecting them to related topics.

Blogging allows me to do things the way I prefer to do them, without any restrictions. My personal creativity flourishes when I unabashedly express my views through honest and truthful writings.

Blogging allows me to set up my own schedule, without any deadlines. My step by step goal setting has enabled me to achieve my personal goals without compromising on quality due to time constraints.

Blogging allows me to connect with like-minded individuals. My blog engages readers from all over the world, encourages them to follow different yet related stories. My blog attracts brands and sponsor alike. Sponsors, readers, co-writers, and each individual associated with my blog are individuals I love to connect and work with.

As a creative professional, I always carved for FREEDOM. Blogging allows me to draw shapes I like, colour those shapes with colours I visualise at the time I prefer.

#BloggingIsMyCalling as it draws me in and becomes the cynosure of my attention.
#BloggingIsMyCalling as it backs my freedom to create, whilst holding me accountable for the output.
#BloggingIsMyCalling as it connects me with fantastic like-minded individuals who are willing to educate, learn and share.

#BloggingIsMyCalling as it gives me a dais to shine on, through my work within the fraternity earning the respect of my contemporaries whilst bagging desirable prizes and gifts.

Whats your calling? Leave me your comments.

Until soon,
~ Heena

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  1. YAY to FREEDOM! :D