Doodling My Butternut Squash Lasagne Recipe

on October 17, 2013 / by

Each time I have a small get together, my friends coax me to make Butternut Squash Lasagne. Even though I feel and voice that we should try something else, they insist to have the same dish over and over again. Having shared the recipe with them multiple times, they continue to evade trying their hand at it at home. I believe the text of the recipe gets to them. So I came up with a recipe doodle to help them understand it better, even though my right hand turned numb as soon as I started drawing. 

Here is a quick video of the doodled recipe booklet. 

Fear not it's here in simpler terms. Just thinking about it makes me drool, so maybe I'll actually make it tonight. 

Between doodling makes me nostalgic, reminds me of uni. Have you ever tried doodling other than when studying? Try it.... it's fun at any age. I sure am going to do some more doodles soon. Don't wanna miss them? 

Until more of #iCynosureCooking,
~ Heena

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  1. Wow...Lovely doodled recipe ;D
    BTW- Dunno why, I am unable to view the third image...
    cheers and all the best for the contest...

    1. Thanks Bushra. Am looking forward to your entry too.
      Would you please check again to see if you are able to view the image?

  2. This sounds very easy and like Bushra said, i couldn't see the third image either :-/

    1. Thanks Swarnali for stopping by. Yep its really easy, and if you prepare the sauce and puree a day in advance it is as good as cake walk.... Btw i can view all four images. Wonder why you cannot see image 3...

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