On The Go, On The Go!

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ASUS Transformer Book T100 Review

On the go, on the go,
I'm a girl on the go.
Seeking life's tiny pleasures,
Making them into wonderful treasures!

Running from every pillar to post,
Learning tough life lessons the most.
Ensuring memories and ideas aren't lost,
So that I can flaunt them and proudly boast.

On the go, on the go,
I'm a professional on the go!
Working towards a rising career,
To celebrate a successful golden sphere.

Finalising presentations to make a that killer pitch,
Realising it's #TimeToTransform and make a switch.
Reports, emails, projects and boring research on google,
But what really takes my heart, is the time I doodle. 

On the go, on the go,
I'm a homemaker on the go!
Channeling all my energies homewards now, 
To make every pretty corner look 'wow'!

Connecting with old friends and sharing a laugh, 
All this while directing and managing the house staff.
Grocery shopping aided with an online food calculator, 
Juggling artifacts to be a self-appointed decorator. 

On the go, on the go,
I'm a Momma on the go!
Reading tips and learning new tricks of the trade,
And getting used to gorgeous baby hair to braid. 

Being an over-enthusiastic parent at best, 
Tuning into my baby's schedule for my rest. 
Watching videos and memorising the tunes, 
Omg I'm being a kid again and watching cartoons. 

On the go, on the go, 
I'm a Blogger on the go.
Regularly updating my social feed,
And hitting every key to be in the lead.

Documenting my eureka moment each time, 
Making sure my poems make sense and rhyme.
Flooding my twitter and instagram each day,
With pictures of lipsticks, dresses and hairsprays. 

On the go, on the go,
Oh no! I'm not on the go!

Why should I let an idea or a moment go,
Just because my laptop is not a pro. 
I can't stay glued to a desk just like a clerk, 
It's time to venture out and go berserk!

Grab that laptop and pass it on to the the kids,
While I go out and marvel at a Transformation bid.
The 2-in-1 Ultraportable Transformer Book T100,
Is a genius that lets me on unknown roads tread.

A superior performer that has started a trend, 
Backed with an 11-hour battery that refuses to end.
Whether it's fashion or it's the home ration, 
The small package allows me to follow my passion. 

It's finally time to stand out from the crowd, 
Make heads turn as each of them get wowed. 
Work on the laptop and then slide out the tablet, 
That works as a treasure box of my creative outlet.

On the go, on the go,
Oh Yes! I'm a Transformer girl on the go!
~ Heena Shah-Dhedhi

Disclaimer: This post is written in association with ASUS India for the #TimeToTransform activity.

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