Hair Is Fun With Hair Extensions

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All All you lovely people know how my hair is my first point of fashion experimentation from going colourful to changing my hairstyle to going crazy with hair accessories. 

However, with my latest experiment with #HairIsFashion I’ve gone really experimental with my hair, getting it styled shorter with side bangs. Now that the style is a few days old, I’m so missing my lengths. With a few traditional functions around the corner, I’ve been looking at what style I could incorporate to look the traditional Indian belle.

Hair Is Fun With Hair Extensions

With much ado, I headed out on the internet to look for some human hair extensions to play with my crowning glory. Reading through the websites and watching youtube videos I realised that hair weaves would definitely take more time to prep up my look, but since it’s once in a while thing for me I was excited as hell to experiment with it. 

As I kept browsing from online store to store the costs varied and for someone like me who keeps the experiments going it is tough to spend a bomb on a particular thing. So I googled the most appropriate phrase budget Clip in Hair Extensions and boom there was one clear winner. 

One thing everyone looking for natural human hair extensions must ensure is that the product is made of 100% human hair so that quality and texture is assured. Also with human hair extensions, there is no visible difference and no one is able to differentiate between real hair and the extension. 

If you’re an experiential fashionista just like your’s truly pick a variety of lengths and colours in different styles like Hair Weave, Clip in Hair Extensions, Pre-Bonded Hair, Tape Hair and Micro Loop Extensions. You shall then have your very own one-stop closet full of hair styling tools at your fingertips. 

Like I just mentioned make sure you tick the below boxes to ensure you buy the best, most effective hair extensions than just some random trial and error.

§ 100% Human Hair Products
§ Guaranteed Colour and Lengths
§ Consistent thickness from root to ends
§ Clips are lined with a Strip to prevent breakage

So what are you waiting for, step out of your comfort zone and experiment today, because #HairIsFashion, #HairIsLife, #HairIsFun.
~ Heena

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  1. How interesting! It would have been great if you would have showed the extensions on you new hairstyle :)