Décor Tips For The Backyard Pool Safety

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Backyard pools are something every family strives for. In a way, they are seen as a sign of prosperity and wealth. At the same time, you cannot deny how fun they actually are. Unfortunately, there is one big drawback to having one – they are very dangerous.

As an adult, you will likely manage these potential hazards and still be able to enjoy yourself. But, your child may not be so lucky. They only see fun when you mention a pool. Even if you warn them, they probably won’t take the pieces of advice to heart. Instead, they will continue running around slippery deck jumping in the pool in most absurd ways possible.

Because of this, you are the one that has to take the necessary measures which will turn your pool into a safe environment. 

Fence It
You need to be extra cautious if you have preschool children. Infants are especially in danger as they can easily fall into the pool. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to supervise them all the time. This is why you should put up a temporary fence (at least until they grow up) around the pool. With this, you make sure there are no accidents of any sort and that a child can only access the pool with your immediate supervision. Even though you may not want to go with a fence, it is definitely necessary to create some sort of a barrier. Needless to say, pool covers are a must during the winter. 

Pool Hygiene
Although this may not seem like a big deal, it is necessary to keep your pool in a perfect shape. At least once weekly take a skimmer and remove leaves from the surface of the pool. Also, you should scrub the walls and the deck from time to time. If you do not, algae will start appearing. First of all, they are bad for health. Second, they will make your deck even more slippery which in terms will increase the probability of an accident. Lastly, get a reliable pump. This item will do most of the water filtering. It is imperative for good hygiene and clean pool. Do not skim on the money when it comes to pumps. Click here to check some of the industry’s most reliable pumps. 

Water Slide
Families with small children usually get a water slide. On paper, it sounds like an amazing idea. But, the reality is much different. Water slides are the second most common cause of pool injuries. If you think about it, even the regular slides which you can find in parks can cause cuts and bruises. Given that this kind of slide is in a pool environment, it makes it that much more hazardous. 

Diving board 
Unlike the pool slide, most homeowners are against the diving board. Again, it is connected to our preconception of the item. Diving from something does seem rather dangerous. And truth be told, a board can be problematic. But, here is the issue. Most kids love jumping in the pool. They will probably do this until they reach their 20s. Given that decks can be slippery, it is rather easy to fall and hit your head on concrete or a diving board. However, if you fall off a diving board, you will end in water, not on concrete. So, if you teach your kid to use board exclusively, he can still do his silly jumps but now with less risk.

Pools require a lot of maintenance. Also, precautionary measures need to take will change as your child grows up. All in all, there are a lot of things to be considered. But, if you have the will and resources, you will be able to pull it off and create a safe environment not only for your child but your family as a whole. 

Author Bio: Nick Stoyanov is a copywriter and content strategist at ForPumps.com.au – Australia’s largest online pump store. 4 Pumps is an Australian company that focuses on the national distribution of its comprehensive range of quality pumping products.

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