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The freelancing industry has seen an impressive growth in the past several years, with 82% men freelancing already and a record 48% women considering freelancing. Freelancing in India has improved on two counts - the number of opportunities and the commercials on each project. Freelancers make about $30,000 on an average annually. Being a freelancer today is a really good deal, especially since you can pick your own niche, work on your own time, work on your own terms and more importantly work for anyone in the world from anywhere in the world. The only two things you need to have as a freelancer is the skill and knowledge of your craft and an internet connection. However the one thing that remains the biggest concern for freelancers is payments, and the last thing one wants to do is go chasing for payments after the projects have been completed.

As a freelancer, I’ve experienced first hand the growth in projects from both international and Indian companies. However, payments have never been a concern for me since I have a PayPal account and invoice my clients using the inbuilt invoicing mechanism that PayPal offers. Since 4 in 5 freelancers work with international clients from Australia, UK, and the US, PayPal becomes a preferred choice that enables receiving payments in a timely, safe and secure manner. I strongly advocate PayPal for its many features including customised invoice creation, Seller Protection that safeguards from fraudulent chargeback, flexibility in receiving payments in over 26 currencies and cool features like a PayPal.Me, a link that can be sent for requesting payments. I also love the fact that payments received into my PayPal account are transferred directly into my bank account linked to PayPal. is a customised individual link to request payments. You can either register with your own name or your business name to create your unique identity which also makes it easier for your clients to connect with you.

Seller Protection
Seller Protection becomes immensely relevant as most freelancers deal in intangibles and very few of the services are covered through protection. PayPal offers Seller Protection on consultancy and online services including but not limited to content development, web and mobile development, software development and much more. Of course, the platform follows a strict protocol to identify whether your transaction is eligible for Seller Protection and check proof of service. 

So if you are a freelancer or a small scale merchant, PayPal Business Account is your way forward from today. There is no additional charge, just the transaction processing fees, backed by PayPal’s global risk capabilities. I’ve got my Business account, get yours today. 

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