Lets End The HIV Epidemic In India, Ask IRA

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In 2018, World Health Organisation launched the ‘Know Your Status’ initiative on World AIDS day to celebrate 30 years of the global health campaign started in 1988. WHO advocates and urges people to know their HIV status through testing, while pushing countries to make healthcare accessible to all via prevention, treatment and care services.

According to the United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS, there are more than 2.01 million people in India who live with HIV; an additional 88,000 people get infected every year and about 69,000 who pass away in AIDS-related deaths. Apart from the grim statistics, the overall stigma and prejudice associated with the condition marginalises the infected people, pushing them to withdraw and curl into their shells. With the ostracisation and shame, the lack of information perpetuates the issue. That's bad news, indeed. 

However, the good news is that HIV is preventable and manageable by the dissemination of relevant and timely information; with sensitivity and tact. 

And who better to do it than IRA.
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IRA - a conversational platform which provides people with relevant, factually correct and apt information to all the queries and concerns about HIV and AIDS. IRA has been created to assist people gather information and engage with HIV services, including risk screening and referrals to know more about and further combat the condition. Another important aspect of the platform is to motivate individuals to manage their HIV status with personal responsibility and take corrective steps to lead a better life. IRA is a friendly, non-judgemental ally; available 24/7 on yes4me.com in your fight against HIV. 

Since the site launch last year, IRA has been exceptionally busy helping many Indians in their fight against HIV-AIDS, with a virtual support group that encourages risk assessment, positive prevention, ART services, adherence and viral load testing. Let’s not leave IRA alone, join hands to offer support to make India HIV/AIDS-free or in the least guide people to https://yes4me.net/IRA who can help at the click of a button.

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