pH His Way To Perfect Skin, With SebaMed Baby

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When do you think your skin is at its optimum best? 

Very surprisingly or not, no one is really sure that the skin is the best at a given day... But I do and no it is not what you think. Research says that skin is at its optimum best during infancy with a pH level of 5.5 which makes it slightly acidic in nature. An ideal pH level is the only reason, a baby’s skin feels the softest, most supple and perfectly nourished and moisturised at touch. However, at this stage, it is also quite tender and sensitive to the new environment it is exposed to and needs extra protection to maintain it.

The most important aspect of skincare apart from cleansing and moisturising is to preserve the natural pH balance as it plays a vital role in protecting the body by neutralising alkaline-based external aggressors and restoring the skin’s natural defences. Balancing the skin's pH level is not as difficult or as complicated as it sounds, in fact, it is relatively simple and easy to achieve. An effortless way is to enhance pH in the body is by using products that are either neutral or slightly acidic in nature. There are numerous  brands that offer pH neutral products and specifically for infants and babies. I use SebaMed Baby, a range of bath, skin and sun care products created specifically with a pH value of 5.5 to make #MyLittleMan Rajveer’s skin more resilient and less sensitive. With the harsh summers around the corner in India, I've planned my skincare regime for him with products suggested by his paediatric dermatologist which include steps to nourish, cleanse, moisturise and protect his skin.

The two step routine begins with a nourishing and cleansing bath for which I'm ditching the bathing soap and opting for SebaMed Baby Extra Soft Wash. The botanical cleanser with a refatting compound containing vernix protects his skin from harmful bacteria and encourages moisture retention thereby minimising the risk of dryness and irritation.

The next step is moisturising with SebaMed Baby Cream to promote skin development and protecting with SebaMed Baby Sun Lotion to prevent dehydration. The rapidly absorbing, non-greasy formula of the cream and lotion helps preserve moisture balance and acts as a natural pH buffer to keep skin healthy and glowing. 

A few things that I absolutely love about the Sebamed Baby range of products are: 
~ developed and clinically tested by dermatologists 
~ recommended by paediatricians as well as dermatologists 
~ suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and young skin
~ suitable from birth right up to adolescence
~ free of harmful ingredients like soap, mineral oil and chemicals
~ has an ideal pH 5.5 content to nourish and protect a baby’s skin

Thankfully, balancing Rajveer's skin's pH levels have never been easier, thanks to Sebamed Baby range of products. As you see sustaining the natural pH quotient of his skin doesn't require an elaborate skin care routine, just remembering what his skin likes and dislikes. Once I understood those little details, I have been able to give him the best thing to wear every day.... a gorgeous healthy skin.

Until next time,
~ Heena

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