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Apply for PANcard via PANSeva.comIndia traditionally has been a cash-driven economy and most Indians prefer to transact in physical money to avoid the new-age banking hassle. And thus the need for a Permanent Account Number (PAN) card was never crucial until the government’s stringent financial plans came to light in the last few years. From demonetisation to GST and many more financial reforms in the pipeline, the importance of the PAN card has significantly increased pushing numerous Indians to to tie in all of their financial dealings with the ten-digit alpha-numeric number issued by the Income Tax Department under the supervision of Central Board of Direct Taxes, for the Income Tax Act of 1961.

A PAN card is a unique identification number that is required by the holder to open a bank account or invest in mutual funds or deposits; to buy or sell property or even as a proof for other important documents like aadhar card, passport etc. With all the ongoing reforms, the government has also simplified the process of obtaining a PAN card:

An Indian citizen can apply for a PAN card either offline or online, with a duly filled form and the relevant documents as per the application form. No matter what method of application you choose, ensure that the vendor is verified and trustworthy. 

The average time taken for a PAN card allotment is 15 working days. However, once the number is allowed, a physical card is sent immediately and will reach the permanent address as mentioned on the application within 2 working days.

An issued PAN and the card is issued by the department remains valid for life and individuals need not apply again. However, if the card is lost or misplaced, a duplicate can be regenerate and reissued within 2 days, unless a change is required in the card information. 

A fee of INR 110 is to be paid to obtain a PAN card of which INR 93 is the processing fee. 

Just a couple of years ago I needed to update my marital information for my PAN card and I tried talking to some agents who promised to help with the reissue. However, I wasn’t comfortable handing over personal documents to a complete stranger and thus I decided to take the online route. My CA suggested going through PanSeva, a site that enables individuals to apply for PAN card from the comfort of their homes. The team strives to make the application process easier, accurate and cost-effective. The statistics reveal that the team has processed over 13 million PAN card applications with 24*7 support in 12 different languages all across India. They have even been awarded the best site by Recent Trends Media and best support company in 2014 CNN IBN Awards.

As I completed my online application and received updates, I found the entire process so convenient and reliable. I can with personal experience highlight a few advantages of an online PAN card application with PanSeva as follows:

I uploaded all my personal information, photo and proof scans directly onto the website and did not have to share any documents with an agent. 

I checked the cost with a couple of agents and they quoted an exorbitant amount of money while the same through PANSeva set me back by a mere INR 289. 

I received regular updates as I processed my application step-by-step; and uploaded the required documents, proofs and visual identity. 

I was able to constantly keep a track of my application with my registered details and received my reissued card at the address mentioned in the application. 

I was advised that I could use my application reference number and request for a duplicate card in case of loss, which would be provided free of cost. 

All in all I would say that PANSeva is a much better and secure way to apply for an important document like the PANcard, and anyone who needs it, must first check the site before trying the offline method. 

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