Best Gift for Dog Lovers

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No arguments, dogs are truly God's favourite animals. These beautiful little creatures are so cute that you can stare at them the whole day. People fall in love with their dogs so much sometimes, they become their life. We all have this one friend who's a damn dog lover. They literally live for their paws only. They care for them like their own children. We always envied those dogs for being their favourites. But here's an opportunity to become a favourite number 1. Here is a gift of a lifetime for your dog lover friends and family members. Handmade Portrait Paintings of their Doggo! They indeed are going to win their hearts and soul. But where can you have these artworks?

BookMyPainting is one such destination to your search for finding the best gift for dog lovers. They are a tech-enabled team that gives you a smooth experience in getting a hand-painted pet Portrait. They have artists who are pet portrait experts. They can literally paint your dog on a canvas. They have a number of art styles and sizes available for you to choose from. Their website makes it so easy to order a painting that you'll fall in love with their customer experience. BookMyPainting even supports urgent delivery and they can even write a short message or a poem for you with the painting. These poems are equally adorable as their artworks. From classic Charcoal to Old school watercolour, they have everything for you. All you need to do is upload pictures, select the Size and gee! You are done.

Wait! Are you not sure, what art style you should choose? Let me help you with that.

If your dog lover friend prefers a black and white sketch and has a classy taste, here is one photo to painting technique which is seriously out of the box. I'm talking about stunning charcoal sketches. Charcoal has great contrast and is the best option to capture the shine of fur of your little paws. Charcoal Sketches can be the classiest birthday gift for dog lovers. They will have their dogs with them forever with this. 

Okay. He's more into colours. We have one of the best colour portraits. Oil Portrait Paintings are one of the oldest art styles available. They have this world-class realism and depiction of reference that it is hard to spot the difference between real and art. Oil paintings can last a lifetime if they are kept properly and will surely make a collectors favourite anytime. So your two dog lovers are getting married? Get them a pair of their dogs painted on canvas and it will be the best wedding gift ever. 

There is one more good option in colour paintings that is watercolour Paintings. Watercolour is a real splashy and creative art style which will capture the innocence in painting better than anything. Watercolour paintings have creative, colourful backgrounds which will be great with your monochromatic walls. This will make the best Christmas gift for dog lovers.

If you want a sketch but still in love with colours, your winning bet should be pencil colour drawings. Pencil colour drawings are the only sketches which are in colour. They are created with old school Pencil colours and have the detailing and surrealism of Pencil drawings of graphite pencils. This is a must-buy if you're looking for a gift for a girlfriend who is in love with her dog and can't live without you and him. This is a chance to make her believe you love her dog the way she does.

Dog lovers are definitely a different kind of people whose attachment with their dogs are unmatched. They believe to feel accomplished with their dogs. We as their Friends and family have this duty to share those emotions and embrace them. A dog portrait will be a chance for them to preserve all those moments with their dogs forever. Let me know in the comment section who's dog lover in your friend list? 

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