Top 5 Fitness Accounts To Follow On Helo App

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Top 5 Fitness Accounts To Follow On Helo App -
Fitness has different definitions for every individual. It is a form of human lifestyles, which are more of a commitment to oneself and not a fad. Infact, fitness is all about maintaining a proper balance between mind, body and soul and for somebody like me fitness has become a huge part of my life in every way. Some want to lose flab to look fab, some desire to attain that chiseled look with that perfect jawline and desirable abs, while there are some who consider fitness as nothing less than a religion. For the people belonging to the last category, their life revolves around fitness exercise and diet as they are very particular about each and everything that’s a part of their regime. Though, fitness and everything related to it plays a pivotal role in the lives of everyone, irrespective of their idea or ideology behind fitness. And for everyone who is into fitness, a certain amount of motivation is required to keep going. 

Helo, a revolutionary social networking app, which is specially designed for the Indian audience, has a lot to offer to people who are looking for the right kind of motivation for to kick start & pursue their fitness interests.  There are some amazing fitness creators who have been tirelessly creating and post some really interesting  content on Helo to motivate everyone towards leading a fitter and better life. Whenever you feel like you are stuck at a dead-end and there is no escape from the clenching claws of junk food, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy habits, then wait no more and turn to these impressive fitness creators who not only motivate you but also help you with tips and tricks to exercise a  healthy schedule. And guess what’s the best part is that? They not only create and share their content in English, but in various  Indian regional languages available on Helo.  F or example if a certain fitness creator is from Punjab, he or she can easily share the content in the Punjabi language to appeal to all the people familiar with the language. 

Here are the 5 accounts on Helo social app that will completely blow your mind off with their sheer determination and fitness goals achieved and aiming towards:

Avinash Jha
He is one of the most popular fitness creators on Helo. With his 84.4K followers, he shares workout plans for men and women, diet tips, fitness challenges and much more to keep a person motivated. Not only that, he also shares entertaining videos to keep his followers engaged. 

Fitness Guru Dinesh
With 251.9K followers, Dinesh has a huge fan following amongst various communities and is recognized as one of the  of the most popular fitness creators. He lives by the motto, “Aim is Fitness” and directs all his content towards it. He shares his fitness journey on daily basis, right from his body workout plans to fitness challenges. 

Cali Boy
He is a renowned fitness creator on  Helo, with 157.5K followers. He classifies himself as a Calisthenics Athlete from New Delhi, India. With his posts, he shows that how the right kind of workout can make or keep you fit and energetic all the time. 

Smita Yadav
This wonder woman is one of the most trending creators on the platform.  She is into fitness, fashion and yoga – making her the fittest in the lot. Smita has 129.4K followers with whom she shares yoga postures and techniques along with the benefits of practising it. Her speciality lies in getting to minute details of the content she puts in for the others to consume; she ensures to include steps, techniques and precautions to perform any Yoga postures, supported by pictures.

Daily Fit With Nishant
He is a fitness expert, coach and athlete, with around 265.6K followers, which in itself is a humongous fan following. The content that he shares is motivational and educative at the same time. Seeing his dedication, his followers have started to follow his footsteps by taking up cycling, going for intense workouts, running, etc. to become fit like him.  

These fitness creators also make use of appropriate hashtags to make their content easily accessible and searchable. Some of the common hashtags used by these fitness creators are #HeloFitnessTips, #HeloFitnessChallenge, #Helo, #HeloFitnessKing, #HeloStar, #ShowYourFitBody, etc. 

The above-mentioned fitness accounts are not the only fitness related accounts on the Helo social app, but some of the most famous ones. You can follow the ones who are in the above-mentioned list and also explore the ones who are not in here. Your criteria to follow certain accounts must include the relatability, practicality and the overall appeal of the content; rest it depends on subjective opinion. 
Note: The followers’ count of the mentioned accounts is as on 19 Nov 2019. 

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