10 Things to do in the USA for Indian Travellers

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Planning on visiting the United States of America?  Then here are the top things to do while in the country and and a few things to keep in mind while planning the trip. 

10 Things to do in the USA for Indian Travellers - www.iCynosure.in
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Requirements for a tourist visa for the USA from India
Keep the following things in mind when you apply for a Tourist Visa for USA from India.
» To holiday in the USA, one requires a B-1/B-2 visa which is approximately INR 10880.
» The visa can be applied for by filling the DS-160 via the USA Consular Electronic Application Centre website.
» Have valid IDs like the Indian Passport, PAN card, Aadhaar card and Voter ID card.
» Have no criminal background or history in crimes of any sort.

Fall in love with the City of Dreams
New York City - the financial and art capital of the world is a must-visit destination in the US, from Wall Street to Broadway, to the iconic Statue of Liberty to Times Square. NYC has a splendid variety of options for Indian travellers to explore and cherish.

Enjoy the charming city of Chicago from the elevated rail lines
After New York, Chicago is one of the busiest cities in the USA for its striking architecture, lakes, parks, and plentiful tourist attractions. Hop on the train or get the city pass to explore the sprawling city of surprises. 

Take a scenic road trip and explore the natural wonders of Arizona
For a nature lover taking a road trip through Arizona will be amazing. Arizona is home to picturesque attractions from the Grand Canyon to the rock formations in Monument Valley, which are easy to explore.

Peek into fun and adventure in Orlando, Florida
Orlando is the theme park destination of the world, with more theme parks in this city than anywhere else. Discover the Magic Kingdom and beyond and enjoy Disney World with your family.

Get your adrenaline pumping at Las Vegas
From test driving fast cars like a Corvette and Ferrari to flying over the city in a helicopter, one can do it all and party in style at Las Vegas. This city redefines fun and has enough things to do for all types of travellers.

Hike and camp atop a volcanic hot spot 
Admire the vivid colours of the hot springs and witness the world's largest geyser collection of at Yellow Stone National Park. Hike, raft, camp, and explore this park that spreads 3,500 sq across Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. This park is incredibly beautiful and home to hundreds of animal species like bears, wolves, bison and antelopes.

Explore the exotic white sand beaches of Miami
Sun-kissed beaches, art, creative cuisine, and blazing nightlife make Miami an absolute delight to visit. This piece of paradise gives you a chance to explore several unique neighborhoods, each with a distinct style, culture and architecture. 

See the President’s house in Washington DC
The capital city is a must-visit when touring around the USA. Visit the world-famous monuments like the White House and save your appetite for the city's famous buffets and mimosas.

Drive the Pacific Coast Highway, California 
California is the third-largest state in the USA that offers so many memorable experiences with its diverse landscapes. You can see everything from mountains to redwood forests and beaches to deserts while you drive the Pacific Coast Highway road that stretches from San Francisco to San Diego.

Ride a hot air balloon in Napa
Napa Valley is known for its wineries. Flying in a hot-air balloon is one of the finest ways to ride into the sunrise. It's also one of the most unique and fascinating ways to appreciate the valley's lush, hills and breath-taking coastlines of the US.

List of things to carry when you travel to the USA from India
» Medicines: Some medicines are prohibited in the USA, so carry your medicines with the prescription.
» Documents: Don’t forget to carry your visa, passport, and air tickets.
» Apps: Make sure to install all the essential travel apps before getting on the flight.
» Insurance: Get your overseas travel insurance online while booking your flight tickets.
» Gadgets: Ensure to pack extra memory cards along with your camera and other electronic gadgets? 

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