5 Swimsuits That Look Better As Tops

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With summer around the corner I would have been super excited about heading to a beach destination to flaunt all my lovely swimsuits. However, with the terrible situation we are in, that looks like an impossibility at least until the lockdown lifts. But I’m not going to waste my super cute and super stylish swimwear, but style them differently and make the most of the horrendous Summer2020. But try the tricks cautiously as not every swimsuit or every bikini top will transition easily into a ready-to-wear summer top. So here is a laundry list of the best swim top styles to wear as summer tops.
Statement One-Piece
The standard yet statement one piece swimwear makes for a perfect bodysuit top that gives a sleek drape like a waist trainer wholesale. It is a piece that is there in every wardrobe and should be experimented with a low-waisted denim.

Full or Short Sleeves
Swimsuits with sleeves automatically transcend into tops that are perfectly apt for the summer and gives an instant fashion boost for being immensely innovative and forward thinking. Pair it with a skirt, shorts or pants, they will look cooler than ever.

The structure of a bustier-style trendy plus size swimwear makes it a perfect ready-to-wear style option. I recommend layering it with a blazer and a flared high-rise trousers for a fresh summer look.

Tankinis have always been a fun and easy cut to style as a swimsuit, but also are pretty neat to style as a crop top. With the perfect length, summery print and flow material, tankinis would look amazing with voluptuous pants or skirts.

One Shoulder Piece
One shoulder swimsuits as well as one-shoulder tops are currently trending and opting one for the other is the easiest task. One shoulder swimsuit tops would look great with just about any bottom, when worn with panache.

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  1. Since heading to the beach or the pool is out of the question during this pandemic, how about styling your swimwear as your summery top? In this article you will find some easy peasy styles to replicate to flaunt your swimwear as regular wear!

  2. Oh my goodness, these are so beautiful! They definitely make a statement.
    the creation of beauty is art.

  3. I'm going to share this with my grand-daughter, she is a huge fan of one outfit multiple ways kind of dressing.

  4. I'll love to try a couple of these style, they look really interesting.

  5. I think that the one piece swimsuit is the easiest to style as a summer top.

  6. Such a cool post, never thought about trying to use swimsuits as tops but sure will try now.